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for Mending the demented

11/10/2020 c8 Guest
Why the fuck did zuko put her in an earth kingdom prison, where she has the most enemies, hello southern water tribe
11/10/2020 c1 Guest
I said it once and I'll say it again Stop Taking Away Azula's bending damnit.
9/13/2020 c6 C
Whoa, that was gnarly near the end. I can't tell if that's usual Sonja or if he's inside Azula's head a little too well...
9/12/2020 c4 C
I dunno if you can fix people but I appreciate his enthusiasm nonetheless!
9/12/2020 c2 C
Has he considered veggie and straight-talk?
6/10/2020 c11 Guest
Loved the story
9/3/2015 c11 3Nikolai22
Wtf at the part where Toph can hear them fucking...come on now was that necessary? *mini rant not completely directed at this fic but this fic was the final straw in a sense*
75% of avatar fanfic are friken Romance between Zuko,OC-Zutara-Kataang-and Taang and of those at least...MINIMUM 50% have completely random and unreasonable sex scenes that come outta nowhere more often than a damn Randy Orton RKO!
What the fuck is up with people and pairings!? How da fuq did Sokka and Azula just happen to fall in love in this shit it happened so randomly it feels like Sokka was just like "damn I want dat ass" and she was like "Ok" like come on man.*end of unnecessary rant that will most likely bother people my bad but I'm pissed off today and you shall suffer my typed wrath*
9/9/2014 c11 Someone
Good Story.
9/4/2014 c10 14Data Seeker

This is a nice continuation. The quality is good like the pervious chapters, though some of the story structure needs work.

The following with Sokka returning home contemplating Azula and meets Zuko, Aang, Iroph, Katara and others was dynamic when they reveal that Azula is put on Death Role.

It was an interesting plot twist when there is nothing that Aang and Zuko can’t save Azula, but tell Sokka that if someone broke Azula out of prison, they could look the other way.

I like that Katara and Azula reconciled, though it was more rushed then Azula and Sokka falling for each-other.

The breakout was kind of good, namely the chemistry between Azula and Sokka. I really like how you went into Azula’s thoughts and emotions during the break out.

The ending bit where a Fire Nation solder aides them out of loyalty to Azula- being royal and all.

The epilog with Sokka and Azula staying at Toph’s place before they leave the country was basically good, though a few things are faulty.

Its very rushed and ends on a cliffhanger.

The innuendo in the epilog is dubious. If what I think happened, happened, I think it messes up Sokka and Azula. Shall I elaborate what I mean?

This is what I think of the wholesome standards.

Except for an uncalled swear word on page 10, the language is clean.
Nothing is explicit- THANK YOU.
No extreme violence or any other vile content.

I hope this review brightens your day. God bless

Data Seeker

P.S. I have a request and hope to hear from you.
9/4/2014 c8 Data Seeker

This is what I think of chapters 6 to 8.

The quality is good in many areas; good narration, interaction, dialog, suspense, drama, emotion, complexity and scope.

Some of the story structure needs work though.

The story plot with Sokka trying to help Azula are very dynamic. I really like the chemistry between them.

Its very emotional how Azula is slowly opening up to Sokka, though she still an emotional mess. Their conversations flow well and that was great how Sokka coaxed her into dancing.

It’s a dynamic plot twist when Sokka thoughtlessly mentions firebending and realizes too late that he reminded Azula of her lost bending- which would undo all the progress he had made with her.

Its another good plot twist how Azula doesn’t have a meltdown, though clearly disturbed and then surprises Sokka with the question “what is it like not to bend?”

Its was very well written how Sokka is surprised and eventually explains to Azula about his life- cause it’s the best way to answer her question.

Sokka’s life story and his thoughts and beliefs about bending and being unable to bend are dynamic and Azula’s thoughts of them are good too. It fits Azula how she tries to strike a nerve in Sokka- cause its second nature to her.

Its dynamic when its revealed that Sokka and Suki broke up and Azula feels an attraction to Sokka, while Sokka feels the same.

The chapter where the Earth King tells Aang, Zuko and Iroth that Azula will be executed was an interesting plot twist- though feels rushed. Very suspenseful.

The character portrayal is quite good. As I said, the chemistry between Sokka and Azula is great. As for romance, it’s a little rushed, but quite believable. Long ago, I thought Azula can’t be paired with anyone.

The wholesome standards are high. The dark themes are not offensive.

I hope this review brightens your day. God bless.

Data Seeker

I'll review more shortly.
9/4/2014 c5 Data Seeker

I have read your fic Its good in many ways, though some areas need work. This is a summarized review for chapters one to Five.

The quality is good in many areas, good narration, interaction, dialog, suspense, drama, emotion, complexity and scope. The spelling, paragraphs and such is good too.

Some of the story structure needs work, but a lot of it is very good.

Your portrayal of Azula is very dynamic. She is a complicated character when she is insane. I’ve seen different portrayals and concepts (some quite believable). Your version is excellent too the way she is broken, powerless and confused, but still retains her nasty streak.

The reference that Aang took her bending away is an interesting bit. I have a fixation with depowering a super human. Though it’s a slippery slope, Azula is clearly too dangerous to keep it. It was interesting how it affected her. Her bending was a part of her, adding to her loss.

Your portrayal of Sokka is quite good too. Though a goofball, he knows to take things seriously. Its dynamic how he agrees to this task to help heal Azula.

The other characters have a smaller role, but are good. Zuko wants to help Azula (though they have a bad history) and isn’t able too.

Katara’s bitterness against Azula makes sense, and how she is against the idea of Sokka helping Azula.

Sokka’s attempts at being Azula’s therapist are dynamic. It was cute how he gave her a sandwich and such, and Azula is bitter, mistrusting and hurting. But things start to slowly improve as Azula grows to trust Sokka.

The chemistry between with her in her cell and Sokka outside her cell while befriending her, and how they touch hands.

The wholesome standards are high thus far.

The language is clean.
Nothing is suggestively offensive.
There are some dark themes, but they are well handled.

I hope this review brightens your day. God bless.

Data Seeker

P.S. I’ve reviewed half your story. I’ll review more shortly.
4/19/2014 c11 WOW
This was good. I read it in all at once.

Ahh, can know...make another epilogue or something...pleeeeaaaaase?
Maybe one that takes place months or so afer this one. I want to see a reunion of Sokka and Azula with everyone.
4/21/2014 c11 13Shadow Flame 777
This is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
4/7/2014 c11 Lord Annaymoss
Glad to see you tacked on that epilogue. I actually started reading this way back before I was reviewing anything, let alone as a non-guest, and was going to review what you'd written prior to this last chapter. Before I could you had to go and finish it. Well at least that gave me an excuse to write this.

I really enjoyed the story you wrote here. You talked about this whole process being a learning experience and as I reread it to better to jog my memory I really did notice a lot of improvements in your writing as it went on. I noticed in the earlier chapters that you would sometimes tell more than show when it came to emotions and thoughts. That really improved as the chapters went on and the epilogue itself felt like the best written chapter yet, of course that might just be Toph's "badassitude" and her playing off both Azula and Sokka quite well. I really liked that the epilogue called back to Sokka's initial plan to move Azula into Toph's academy, even if they only spent one not-so-restful night there.

Throughout the work there are a few typos, misspellings(anger-angle, ensure-insure and in the last chapter hair-hare) and missing commas but nothing to really detract too much. The character development in this was nice to see but it could feel a bit rushed in places. Part of that is because of its relatively short length and how interactions between the two lovebirds takes place in about half of the chapters. Make no mistake, I really liked the chapters that focused on the pieces moving around Azula's imprisonment and that the gaang got a chance to show their personalities and influence on one another. Dialogue was a treat, I especially enjoyed the little comedic moments between the gaang and the epilogue specifically. Moments like Azula's impromptu kiss being followed up with Sokka worrying what his sister will do to him and Azula giggling in response come to mind. I love it when stories get better as they go on and this definitely fell under that category.

I'll be looking out for what you plan to do next, if you feel the itch. I really did like following this story as each chapter unfolded and was glad that you gave it a proper ending. Cheers!
3/30/2014 c11 grayjeep
Really good story. Thanks for finishing it.
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