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10/26/2017 c25 Guest
This appears to be a fusion of chapters 23 & 24.
12/12/2015 c30 3maryjane5000
Chapters are way too short & is barely interesting but I hope you update soon I want to see if...

Ryoga x Shampoo get together
Mousse vs Ryoga instead of Ranma
Nodoka deals with Genma
You reveal where Ranma's sister came from
Ukyo accepts what they said
They get to the temple without problems or if the demonic cat fist get Akane Neko Akane vs Neko Ranma
2/5/2015 c30 Guest
10 days until update was about a 1000 days ago will you please UPDATE
2/5/2015 c15 maryjane5000
I found a mistake in this chapter

Kuno calls Rumiko call pigtail girl yet

Ranma avoid the pool thus avoiding becoming the pigtail girl which leads to Kuno falling for her & other then the introduction in the class room he doesn't turn while at school after that he, Akane & Kasumi went shopping then he & Akane went to meet Nodoka & his sister then they returned to the dojo with Rumiko then next morning they went to school & through out all that Kuno is never mentioned again until the trio arrives at school

Now given what I have read Kuno never meets the pigtail girl & Nabiki hasn't sold any pictures to him so how in the blue hell does Kuno even know about the pigtail girl?
12/5/2013 c2 FireInLife
I would say its a bit of a deus ex machina, but considering Belldandy IS a goddess it'd sound kind of silly... xD
9/14/2013 c30 shugokage
Interesting story and awesome job on the cool plot!
3/17/2013 c30 1jaqjaq123
Interesting story
I am keen to read the rest
11/11/2012 c20 1miiohau
Isn't Ranma able to change at will and wasn't he curse revealed to the school.
9/3/2012 c30 1silverstreak93242
I am hoping that this review finds you well...I must say, I enjoyed reading this story, and when I first read the description, I almost passed it by! but now I am very glad I didn't! I look forward to the continuation of this fic, and as for the revisions of chapters 23-24, gotta say, the revised versions were better! The only real problem I have thru the whole fic, is some misspelled words, and missing words, but then again, as far as the misspelled words go, I just spelled through as thru, so yeah, obviously not a big problem! LOL, actually, just keep your muse happy, and she will see you thru on the story lines you wish to write! Just remember to let her take the occasional vacation, paid of course, and keep her supplied with sweets, and I am sure she will see you through! Planning to check out a couple of your other stories as well, so you will probably be hearing from me again! Working on my own fic, haven't updated in a couple years tho, but with my main computer down for now, can't access what I wrote for the next chapter, which sucks but hey, that's how it goes! Would like to know what you think of my story if you wish to read it! But again, enjoyed reading this, looking forward to the rest of the story!
8/29/2012 c21 GwenBarlowe -BTB
The Kuno servant's name is Sasuke (like the character in the Naruto manga/anime), not Susuki. It is usually pronounced 'Sauce-kay'.

I can see your writing is continuing to improve. Take care to watch for your verb tense agreement (past, present, future) and your subject/verb number agreement.
I have noticed there are places where words are missing; but I am quite willing to blame that on the quirks of servers. I know it was a problem when BarryBarlowe (BTB) was posting his stories (Locked out of Love: Guest KI and Locked out of Love: Ki Cutters).

If you are not sure if something is correct, try reading it aloud, or have a friend read it to you. It is important to read what is actually on the screen, not just say what you meant to write.
8/29/2012 c14 GwenBarlowe -BTB
I have been enjoying your story. Regarding a location to post an original work of fiction, there is a sister site to exactly for original stories called . Check them out sometime.

I particularly appreciate the fact that one you set up your divergence point, you are willing to do something other than just rehash the original manga/anime plots. Just because it happened then, does NOT mean it will happen again.

Do remember as you continue to write, that you are the kami of this specific world. Use what you like and ignore what does not advance the plot. And don't try to please everyone. You never will.
Keep up the good work.
8/25/2012 c30 znta
now he has the opportunity to control the nekoken and use it properly
8/5/2012 c29 3Takawai
What a cracker, i loved the whole "Traveling with Ryoga" section of the story Anyway loved it and cant wait for the next up date
7/9/2012 c29 15Richard Ryley
Yeah, I suspect Ukyo needs something to trigger her change in goals. She's spent ten years of her life feeling betrayed by Ranma and Genma, and wasn't able to easily let go of that anger. Ranma messed up by coming onto her, as it stopped her from trying to kill him, but only shifted her obsession. I liked how you handled it with Akane talking to her.

Hopefully this time around something more substancial will cause her a true change of heart. Maybe a bit of the old Warrior Therapy. :D Or maybe she can be presented with something that she has to take care of and needs Ranma to help. (Konatsu, perhaps?)
7/9/2012 c29 Guest
Loving the story! :) As for Ryoga and Shampoo's world tour story... Firstly, Ryoga has proven he can stay in an area for longer periods of time when he's focused on something (like a fight) it's only when he is attempting to go to a new location that he gets lost. It also might be an interesting way to do a mutltitude of crossover-shorts (like the stargate one). And finally I'm very interested in what the Amazons would think of Ryoga (maybe they'll end up there at some point?).
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