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for Then So Be It

3/22/2019 c1 mariyah.ahsan
It really hurts but still this storybis going to be one of my fav. Thanks
12/21/2015 c1 Monicaly033
I will always love it... No matter how many timez I read it, I will always always love it! XD
11/9/2015 c3 9Shiittake Ramen
Whoooa. Just whoa.
2/26/2014 c3 2ptl4ever419
Wow! That's intense. Loved it ;)
3/26/2012 c3 25917brat
oh man this is brillint and can you please make a sequal to this cause well...i wanna see what happens. Also I have to say Hermione sounded like a bitch in this one. Honestly after a break up I told you so! how cold hearted can you be. Not to mention severous I wish someone would find out just what he said and give him a good hard punch!

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