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for hunger games yugioh style

3/22/2015 c9 Mistwolf4
I flipping love this! I hope you continue soon and continue with the next two books :)
2/17/2015 c9 Guest
This is a good story- it's been three years, but it would be amazing if you continued.
7/2/2013 c9 2Hime no Yuugi
This story is awesome! Continue dis amazing amount of awesomeness! Really enjoyed reading it! Please update more! XD
12/2/2012 c3 13Frosty The Ice-cube
You know Rebecca's last name is Hawkins.
11/12/2012 c9 13JelloGirl323
Oh My Gosh!
That was cool! I did see a mistake though..."I sat to Yugi's right, Mai sat to his left." When it's supposed to be "her" left since Yugi in this case is a girl. Just saying...
But other than that it was good!
Can't wait for another update!
Loved the fact that Kato (?) is Marik. flippen awesome!
10/8/2012 c8 JelloGirl323
Oh My Gowsh! This was awesome!
Only thing was...It was very short *glares*
The Nerve! JK
8/19/2012 c7 Crazed Magician
Great Chapter. Though I was hoping the pace to be a little faster (story wise, not updates) but i'm not going to complain.

and you might want to read your chapters since here's one mistake that I found: "Bakura, it's just hunting, and you are the beat hunter I know."

I think you meant " ... and you are the best hunter, I know."
8/12/2012 c4 Rueky Ishtar
NO No no! NOT YUGI AS PEETA MARIK AS PEETA *Rueky used fangirl its super effective*
8/3/2012 c6 JelloGirl323
First let me say that was a very good chapter, but...there were a few slip ups. Namely
The fact you called Yugi a boy when in this story you said he was w girl, andd
You said (and I quote) "we'd be as rich as Haymich." when I know that this story's Haymich was in fact Yami/atem (can't remember which)
7/30/2012 c2 Neshia
He should be a girl since the hunger games only chooses 1 boy and 1 girl from each district
7/9/2012 c5 Guest
Eeeeeeekkkkk! You updated! I am happy!
And I just love that chapter...it's cute and sad at the same time!
Its...bittersweet. :)
Anyways... Good Chapter!
Update soon.
6/11/2012 c4 JelloGirl323
YaY an Update!

YaY Yugi's a girl!

Not YaY They are going to the Hunger Games...

5/10/2012 c3 KagamineKame no login
Luv luv luv! Please continue!
4/29/2012 c3 5darkvampiregirl13
lol, can peeta be seto?
4/23/2012 c3 13JelloGirl323
Well, dang. I was going to suggest having Jonouchi Katsuya as Haymitch that would be hilarious and ironic. i mean his father is a drunk and he never wants to be a drunk...but in this he would be a drunk. ANYWAYS...

this was a good chapter. loved it... and yes i was drooling at that part (blushes) i must admit.

CANT wait for the next update!

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