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for An Intresting Contest

4/15/2012 c1 Yay anonymity

Well, I do have an idea for this contest, and I might enter. But first, some pointers for future writing:

1. Spelling. Please, try and spell everything properly. Even the title is spelt incorrectly. It should be 'An Interesting Contest'.

2. Grammar. You are missing several commas and/or full stops. 'Hey guys it's me again you may of previously known me as BookWormLuvzPJO!'.

There is so much wrong with this sentence. First off, you need a comma after the 'Hey guys'.

'You may of previously' should be 'You may have previously'.

So that whole sentence would look a lot better like this: 'Hey guys, it's me again. You may have previously known me as BookWormLuvzPJO!'

The rest of it isn't /too/ bad, but the sentences are really short, and jerky and awkward.

I'm not even going to start on the cliché-ness of the idea.

Why is all this so relevant to a contest? Because people are more likely to want to enter, and to be bothered putting their time and effort into a story if the contest is written well. You are more likely to get entries if you have better spelling and grammar, because while most people on FanFiction do enjoy writing, for a contest or just for fun, they are more likely to want to write for a contest if they know their work was not written in vain.

Sorry if I came across as rude or mean; I really didn't mean to.

~Randomness is Cool
4/15/2012 c1 3kahillkid5
I think I have a idea. I might enter.

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