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for Secrets to the Grave

11/7/2016 c17 10Arwengeld
good to see Pansy Parkinson find a true happyness
11/7/2016 c6 Arwengeld
It's a pity for James and for Severus: they don't have the women they loved
11/7/2016 c4 Arwengeld
Poor Severus
11/7/2016 c3 Arwengeld
Very sad for Sirius
11/7/2016 c2 Arwengeld
wow it's very shocking to read this but I don't like Lily so I'm glad she discovers Jame's first wife !
9/10/2015 c23 SilverWolf1963
Harry Potter!
1/10/2015 c26 kurotenshi-08
There are all quite interesting, can't wait to read about all the characters that are left, especially Harry.
1/5/2015 c26 182Luiz4200
You probably read her entry on Pottermore like I did.
8/10/2013 c22 4LilDevyl
I always wondered what Ginny's secrets would be. Interesting.
5/12/2013 c18 The Darkest wizard
This is a great story. Please update soon.
4/13/2013 c17 6Konoha's Hanyou Kunoichi
You should make a story relating to these drabbles.
1/2/2013 c16 4LilDevyl
Yes, that does sound alot like Fred. I can imagine how he would have wanted his funeral to be.
12/24/2012 c11 1PhoenixRose92
I'm not that surprised with these... It's still good though.
12/24/2012 c10 PhoenixRose92
Wow. I almost feel sorry he died...
12/23/2012 c9 4Anarra
I want to see an Aunt Petunia one
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