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for Book One: Sorted with the Enemy

5/30/2013 c7 kimegi
I agree with you, they should not be doing that. It seems like extreme laziness to me. It would require little effort to simply add a higher rating.
8/16/2012 c7 leafstone
great story hope you post more soon and they kep this story.
4/30/2012 c5 Swtor Chef
love the twin perspective, adds livlynes to the story.
4/1/2012 c3 Jibril Mudo
Most fiction is done in 3rd person limited POV, any reason this is 1st person?

Also, will Harry and Lucy be paired together, if you don't mind me asking?
3/26/2012 c3 Guest
I see potential, very well written so far; keep at it!

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