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4/7/2014 c1 Guest
Ok person who wrote about vocaloid. You need to know more about them. First off, they don't have any personality. You're right that Neru does more than text. Can someone explain to me why people always make meiko drunk? And the review about this. You did a great job writing this, but can you make another one please? Are they in the gym because Gumi threw a weight at Meiko? Or do they own a weight? Let me finish what I was saying earlier. If you're new to vocaloid. They don't have any personality, so if your writings fan fiction you can their personality anyway you want. So whoever wrote a review to tell the person to get their facts right, you need to get your facts right. I might get where u thought this is true. Maybe from a fan fiction u read. We'll they do kinda have a personality. In different songs, they are different personality. I know I sound mean saying that I are wrong, but I'm just posting to let people new to vocaloid know and a review. So I'm sorry if I sound really mean right now. Anyways u posted ur review a long time ago, so u r mostly not going to be reading this. Anyways it's been a year since u made this plz make a another one.
4/14/2012 c1 11DelusionaLiar
Ahahaha, that was really funny! Meiko has it hard. I wonder what it would be like to live in a house of Vocaloids...something to think about.

Don't listen to that idiot reviewer. My rule is don't critisize if you can't do better. And that person probably can't.

Great story. Can't wait to start the collab!
4/7/2012 c1 Kaitoisequaltosmex
That wasn't funny, That was awful... You obviously don't understand Vocaloids. All you did was talk about the characters character items (and not even the ones that their items are important to the character themself). The only thing that happened was you blabbering on. I can tell you were writing crack but you didn’t even write it right! Do you want me to tell you the personality of every character in your story? Fine, I will.

MEIKO (In all caps!) is an alcoholic that's hyper with violent tenancies. She wants people to rely on her, but isn't really reliable. She likes to spend her time drinking and doesn't take things very seriously even when she should. She tends to have little respect for people but wants to be respected. MEIKO and Haku enjoy drinking together, they’re both alcoholics. Only Haku drinks lightly and MEIKO always has alcohol in her hand.

KAITO (Also in all caps) is a kind of guy who jokes around a lot but when it comes down to it he's dead serious. He's sweet but commonly unloved and sad. He is also very sweet and helpful. He tends to be very sensitive and very clean. He is commonly put in a relationship with Miku but pairings are flexible.

Gumi/Megpoid is cute and a bit childish, but has a bright personality. Even though she can a little bit of a troublemaker.

Haku feels sorry for herself all the time. She likes complaining about everything. She is very shy, sensitive and easily set off. She was created to be "weird, odd, strange and defective. She wasn't created to be liked." She is the only fan made official Vocaloid.

Teto is kind and somewhat pushy. She always wants to take control and requires eating food. She was born an Utauloid but became a Vocaloid.

Neru is a troll. She loves to text and is a chatterbox. She talks very fast and is a terrible driver. Neru is mean to everyone and has a lot of built-up anger. After hurting someone she always feels bad and finds a way to make it up to them. Neru and Haku are commonly put into a couple.

Len is shy and friendly. Rin is his princess and he is easily manipulated by her. He is anxious and responsible brother. He is innocent but tends to get into trouble a lot. He is amazingly cute and cool and he tends to draw girls to him. He is companionate and a good listener.

Rin is bold and innocent. She is very sly and loves causing mischief. Rin is sweet person when it truly matters. She orders Len around sometimes and is thought of as a little girl. Rin is the more dominant one, and gets jealous when Len is around other girls.

Miku is sweet, kind and everyone loves her. She seems to be bipolar and can be very dark. She is very passionate about singing and can be very bubbly. Miku is silly when she's happy but when she gets dark there is hell to pay.

In short, there is more to the characters than their character items. Len doesn't just eat bananas, Rin doesn't just ride on a road roller crushing things, Neru does more than text, ect. Try to LEARN about the characters before writing about them.
3/28/2012 c1 Otaku4life

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