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for Beautiful Day

12/22/2019 c1 BELAVERA
Imagine! While Emmett probably didn't mean it to turn out so well, Edward really should be grateful to his brothers.
2/13/2015 c1 ChristyWIX
This was super cute. Very funny idea of the brothers to do this for Edward. I liked that she was getting mad at him and about to leave . . . even more glad that she stayed. Loved that they spent the entire night talking and getting to know each other.
4/27/2012 c1 1Bella sweet03
This story has potential... You should write another chapter for this...y'know like a future take or something..
3/28/2012 c1 2Roslyn Grey
I loved this and would love to read more!
3/27/2012 c1 TPV
But I couldn't reach the story from your profile, just from the email. O_O So I'm not really sure how to fix that but I thought I'd let you know that there is a slight malfunction.
3/27/2012 c1 TPV
Aww I really liked this! At first I was like ^^^^^ but then I was like :D. If that makes sense. Very good.

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