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6/7/2012 c1 5LolAya
Eh, I promised to write a review but then totally forgot about it the next day, I'm so sorry this is late!

Anyway, great job on this one. It's nice to see at least something after Daniel defeated Alexander, even though it's fanfiction(never underestimate the power of fanfic). And it also gave us an idea on what Daniel "might" do next now that he's done with his revenge.

And Agrippa's head...I always wondered what happened to it, too. I mean, if you still sawed off his head but didn't put it through the portal, then what happens to the head now?

Sorry lot's of ramblings, and I'd love to read more of your fanfics, in fact, I'd do right now :D
4/1/2012 c1 Within Days
Wow, this is an amazing story so far. Its going to be interesting how Daniel has to deal with his former self suddenly appearing in his mind.

Seems like former self Daniel forgot TWO important things:

1. The Shadow branded Daniel and that is what prevented him from entering the portal Alexander made. There is no guarantee that the next Shadow won't do the same as the last one. Getting the orb last and finding out that you can't go through and with a Shadow on the way to consume you is a bad fate...

2. Even if Daniel goes through the portal succesfully, Alexander said at the end of the game (I think) that the Shadow will eventually catch up with Daniel.

I don't know if you intented former self Daniel to forget about that or not, but that was I was thinking when I read that part.

I'm definitly adding this story to my favorites. Cant wait for the next update!

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