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8/9/2013 c1 Guest
it is very good and i see that happening but I always though, chuck was the more angry with serena running, he miss her and it was suscpicious for me. they were something that make them friends but not that much, that make them the same but always so different, something strange because they never try anything where he seduce the most beautiful women but never try that much with her, the most beautiful girl he know. Like they know they were no turning back if they take this road. they accept their flaws and that make them perfect. she is the sun where he is the moon, both strangely too beautiful and fascinationg for living among other people. him, who can be so cold, calculator, cold blood, dangerous, ambitious, and make people wish they never live if he want at a tender age and who prove to be more tough with the year and her the enchantress who made man drooling over her and captivate every man since she had 12 YEARS, when she enter a room, people cant' help but look, she illuminate a room by her mere presence, she is always optimistic, happy, but she is also dangerous for every man who cross her way, she made them fall in love for life, they betray her , they cheat but in the end they never forget about her and she made her life with other man, she seems broken but in fact she was happy a few day after. both of them are phoenix who raise from the ashes. they are too wild for society, they don't try to fit, they don't care about other , they do what they want, don't pretend to be another person and in fact made the society fit them. dan , blair, nate they are so conventional, they try so much too be perfect, they want to change them. only serena is abble to love even the darkest side of chuck and accept him like he is, only him can accept her with her wildest way, her passion for life who match his. thanks it was good
4/10/2012 c1 jalna
i t was good,i neve undersand why people don't want to make a fanfic with chuck and serena dating,a lot of peoplepeople like them together. i m not sure realy but i always think they are better together, a force to be reckonned, they are like phoenix, they always rise from the your fanfic it show he always wanted her but we know he had her once so maybe her dark secret is somehing who has to do with him. he is handsome, perverse, a debauche, a play boy. but he is also a boy who became a man very early, who didn't was just a schoolboy or the son of a billonaire, he was so much more. yes he have fun, enjoy having money drugs woman but he was so much more. he was ambitious, he didn't care about what people think about him, he want to built an empire by himself, he is cold , calculated, hard, rough, dangerous but he was in love with blair, hs only one weakness with serena. because if you look at their relationship, he never let her go even when she hated him, even for blair. she is like the sun, people like her, beautiful, free, she do what she want, she doest care about people expectation for her. she is more strong than blair in the end.She has many break up, many people hurting her, but she always survive. and remeber in highschool she was the queen and she choose to live and when she return, she show at blair who work so hard to be queen than she can do it effortless if she want but she didn't want that. she can be cruel and devious if she want to. she was left by people whe love, by ex but they never seem to forgot her , once her lover, always in love with her.she has the faculty to make people love her even with her flaw and contrary to blair she love chuck like he is , she understand him like he understand her. blair always try to change him, to make him be a better person, to always leave him in the end. chuck is not a good person , only with people he love and they are few. as for serena, boy were afraid of her, she was too free, too wild to be tamed, they did want to change her, like dan who was so unprepared for a girl like her, so spontaneous, so free so they try to caged her , to change her, only one person let her be what she is, like the free and wild woman and it is's why i think in the end serena and cguck were made for each other.
4/7/2012 c1 20prdee
lol sorry for not reviewing this earlier xD

Err. I don't know what exactly to write. I mean, this could definitely be cannon, you know? like behind the scenes type of things.

Chuck was totally in character, but not that much but still it was good!

Yeah, I think Chuck would've stopped himself too. He's way to classy for that kind of thing lol.

You should write more GG fics! :D
3/28/2012 c1 55Stella296
Interesting start. Please update soon so we can see more of this fic and if it's good or not.

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