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for Dinner And Again

4/23/2012 c5 24SailorCopperOwl
Poor Minako. Understandable, though. Glad Rei is so firm and gentle with her.
4/23/2012 c4 SailorCopperOwl
Ha! I was a bit upset that Kanji was ordered to deceive Zen, but then he found such an elegant way around it!
4/17/2012 c6 114bashfulglowfly
A lot of hurt and pain. And difficult choices made.

Good decision on finally bringing in Zoi. Looking forward to seeing how he handles meeting the group. I think that he'll be angry with Kunzite for lying to him about the dinner party but that will be quickly forgotten once he sees Mercury and realizes what she's going through.

Great chapter and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Good job!
4/17/2012 c6 James Birdsong
Cool three chapters.
4/16/2012 c5 Malevolent Dark Reflection
Great revelations in this chapter. The ramifications for what Ami did is greatly expanded upon here. Usagi made several good points in saying that they all did something foolish in the name of love. The curve ball was when Minako was talking with Rei about what was really bothering her. Maybe it's just me, but only Rei would have been able to help her with that. And Rei's classic line at the end couldn't be more true. It seems that the others are ready to forgive Ami, but I doubt she'll forgive herself. I can't wait to see how she responds. Update soon!
4/15/2012 c5 3PSVT
This might not be one of my longest reviews, and I can't guarantee that I'll have another for you in my busy future, but I have to say this story, and it's predecessor, is one of the best I've read in a while. I especially enjoy your characterizations of the senshi and revived shitennou, especially in their interactions and in how they struggle to reconcile their roles in the failure of the Silver Millennium. Your particular interpretation of that event is also quite stunning, well-detailed, and unique from what I can recall in comparison to other stories I've seen. Your dialogue is top-notch, and your writing in general is superb and draws me into the story and into the emotions of the characters. I find it something worth emulating as I (very, very slowly) write my own stories. I'm happy to have stumbled upon this, and despite being extraordinarily busy I can say this one story I'll be paying close attention to. Thank you so much for writing it.
4/14/2012 c5 114bashfulglowfly

Excellent chapter. The Truth is one hell of a mirror to look into...especially when you See yourself looking back at you.

Well thought out and well written. One of the best I've read about the Senshi looking back and really seeing that there was nothing they could have done to stop Beryl and Metallia.

Excellent job. Looking forward to the next chapter!
4/13/2012 c4 Malevolent Dark Reflection
Wow that was depressing. I'm glad Kunzite is enjoying his time with Minako and the others, but I feel sorry for Ami. I didn't think whatever she couldn't remember was that bad. Those are memories best left forgotten. I can't wait for the next chapter.
4/12/2012 c4 bashfulglowfly

This just gets better and better! Poor poor Ami. Hopefully she doesn't suffer for too long because of that memory. Smart of Kunzite to take her to Serenity, Endymion and Venus.

Hurry and let Zoi come to her side!

Looking forward to the next chapter!

VERY well done!
4/12/2012 c4 237sarsaparillia
Waaay too many feelings right now. Thanks for that.

4/9/2012 c3 sarsaparillia
Perfection everywhere. Just. No words left. I probably said that last time, too. It's still true.

4/8/2012 c1 chrissyann344
So glad you decided to continue your version of the Shitennou coming back. I really enjoyed Kunzite's story and can't wait for Zoicite to come back into the fold. I was wondering if Nephrite will be included in this fic or will he get one of his own?
4/8/2012 c3 24SailorCopperOwl
Hadn't thought Kunzite would come first. But I liked it a lot! Wouldn't be surprised if it took him much longer to accept the turn of events.
4/8/2012 c2 SailorCopperOwl
Aw, poor Ami, suddenly having to deal with outdated technology ;) I do think she has a point about the confidentiality of the data though, and this together with memories, no wonder she's suffering. Argh, the other two shitennou are perfect to the point of being insufferable, too, but Ami makes up for it. I'm really looking forward to her first meetings with Zoisite!
4/6/2012 c3 James Birdsong
The two chapters are good I guess Lyaka.
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