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4/1/2012 c1 sense datum
My heart almost stopped when I saw your alert in my inbox. I am incredibly glad that you haven't forsaken the realm of fiction entirely, that one of my favourite authors who has inspired me so very much is back.

...pardon the groveling, haha. I'll stop.

I quite liked this fic, though. It fills in a hole which Collins left unfulfilled, a hole that I found jarring and very much necessary to the story. Now I'm wishing that the entire book series was written like this rather than in her gimmicky diary prose. Keep it up, you're on the right track :)
3/30/2012 c1 2Seaside Stranger
Idc what you think, this is beautiful. I hope to see more from you in the future. You rock. 3
3/29/2012 c1 7ofravenclaw
Aww this is so cute!
3/29/2012 c1 3AmyZini
A really good start. Looking forward to more.
3/29/2012 c1 6SeriouslySiriusBlack
This is a great start to what I am sure will be an excellent story. Please keep it up and update soon!
3/29/2012 c1 32owlpostagain
two years after reading the hunger games I finally caved and started looking up some fanfiction less than 12 hours ago, so of course, now one of my favorite authors is posting a story that promises to be both wonderful and EXACTLY what I was looking for. sigh thank you, I'm looking forward to this.
3/29/2012 c1 2Serenayde
Wow, this was seriously good! one of the best I've read in a long time. I'm now off to read any of your other stories!
3/29/2012 c1 flowerrr
You're got a way with words which is absolutely amazing. Enjoyed this so much!

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