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for Blue Dragon Of Hogwarts

4/28/2022 c27 dullkatelyn1
more plz
6/7/2021 c27 Kristina Johnson
Please update...
2/24/2021 c27 Guest
I know it's unlikely but please update
1/21/2021 c27 Safira
Please continue your story it's amazing
10/4/2020 c27 2Selena92

To be honest, I was leery of reading a story where Toushirou turns out to be Harry Potter...I prefer him as Toushirou, just Toushirou. But you pulled it off exceptionally well, not allowing Toushirou to suddenly turn mushy and all emotional at all. Because while he might be a kid and can on occasion be provoked into doing childish things or acting to rashly, for the most part he is cool and mature.

I do feel a bit sorry for poor Ron and Hermione though...their Harry has definitely gone.

I love that Toushirou refuses to admire Dumbledork like Harry did. Now he knows that man is a manipulative bastard.

The emotional impact of seeing Hagrid again was brilliant. It's so sad poor Hagrid cannot know Toushirou used to be Harry and still sort of is.

Poor Toushirou... first Urahara as protection detail, then Ichigo and Nel at Hogwarts... damn. If only Nel would leave Toushirou in peace during his classes. And Ichigo, leaving her to her own devices? Are you nuts?

Those poor Slytherins...

Can't wait for the next chapter!

7/19/2020 c27 12Ichigo Mirai
Yeeesss! This is awesome! I can't wait to read what happens next!
6/14/2020 c24 Guest
Mildew is a type of mold, dew what covers the ground in the early morning.
5/26/2020 c27 dogman999
Keep up the good work.
4/27/2020 c27 SkylerHollow
Thanks for the chapter... Wondering how long it will take Snape to realize that Nel is more terrifying than old Voldy could ever be...
4/26/2020 c27 30Sakura Lisel
*lol* Um... Didn't Nel get her old ADULT memories AND body back in the series. So in between acting like a little kid, why isn't some her newly returned adult Espada #3 that Aizen picked.

*lol* I wonder what would happen to Hogwarts if anyone was dumb enough to to upset Nel enough to trigger her adult form, who seems more mature and powerful than her kid form.
4/24/2020 c25 9SaiyukiLover232
Also, I would totally love the pairing of Hitsu/Ichi as well! My fave pairing! (next to Hitsu/Matsumoto)
4/24/2020 c26 SaiyukiLover232
I was so amazed and happy to see you had updated this story. I've been in love with this story for years, but kind of forgot about it, and then rediscovered it again. And I was so pleased to see the story updated. It is truly amazing. Glad to see this story is still going on.

Hope you are staying safe during this pandemic. I cannot wait for the next chapter :) Happy writings!
4/20/2020 c26 lara.niric
I read some reviews an Ichigo/Toshiro pairing and completely agree. If there will be one I'm routing for this one and if not, well nothing really lost as long as the story continues.
4/15/2020 c26 Trancy1317
I still love your story so much omg
I'm waiting for the ichigo x hitsugaya !
4/11/2020 c26 dogman999
Keep up the good work l
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