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for Rules everyone on the EnterpriseD should know

4/12/2015 c4 spacekitten2700
6/30/2013 c4 Guest
No pretending to have been mind-controlled by an alien entity.

Nothing good ever came from exposing tribbles to Borg nanoprobes.

Tribble-fur clothing is banned. People had allergies.

Tribbles static electricity BAD IDEA

No more shaving tribbles, then popping them in a deep-fat-fryer as a snack food.

Reprogramming the replicators to shoot gallons of earl grey at the captan is banned.

No using the holodeck for rule 34.
5/12/2013 c4 25RetiredForLife
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1/28/2013 c4 madnessdownunder2
well Riker knows where Data's off switch is, Jordy probably does too. Good points though. very nice
1/28/2013 c3 madnessdownunder2
very nice, and adding crew comments might actually be useful, as lists are actually not allowed if you stirctly follow the rules. Saphura's idea of a group of newbies learning the rules,made it a legal story. Just a thought!
1/28/2013 c1 madnessdownunder2
good start, just one comment, Gene Roddenberry dies before Ms Myers put her theses in relations abuse to the general public. If he had lived he would have NEVER lowered himself to her standards!
1/11/2013 c1 3Spocko
Oh, this is awesome! I need to do something like this.
12/30/2012 c4 Wingman1
this was sooooo funny!
12/14/2012 c2 7Saavikam69
Loved it. Funny.
11/6/2012 c4 12ZenaraTheDragon
These are hilarious!
Here's a few suggestions (yes, they're mostly Q-related but he's good material for these)

-Don't introduce Q to tribbles. It won't end well for the universe.
-Don't tell Q to unite the Daleks, Cybermen, and the Borg.
b. What are daleks and cybermen, anyways?
-Declaring a Pajama Day may not be a good idea.
-Don't convince Q to pretend to be Narcissus and stare at himself using Picard's head as a mirror.
-The molecular structure of the Psi 2000 polywater is classified. Don't try to make some to use as an alcohol substitute.
-Hacking the replicators so they won't make Picard's favorite tea is a bad idea.

I understand if you don't use the Dalek-cyberman-borg one, it does reference Doctor Who kinda blatantly. Not sure if you were avoiding that?
10/7/2012 c4 13RemiIsNotHere
Rule ideas (use if you like 'em, tell me to bug off if you don't):

-Rigging the computer to go to red alert when Capt Picard is asleep is a REALLY bad idea (although we'd be really impressed with your hacking skills if you could pull that off)

-Worf will severly hurt the next person to dye his uniform (or any other security officer's uniform) to red. besides, he can just replicate another one.

-Wear the current uniform on duty, wearing older versions of the uniform (even on halloween) is not acceptable.

-Deanna likes her hair, don't give her an anoymous present of a hair straightner.
10/7/2012 c1 RemiIsNotHere
This is awesome! I've read a few of your other stories (and been a very bad reader and not reviewed them all) and they're all very good and funny, as is this one! Please keep going when you've got time.
9/28/2012 c4 12PadukSteam
These rules are hilarious, Plus I have a few suggestions
1. I serve aboard the USS Enterprise, not "Jean-Luc's Party Boat".
2. Not allowed to invite Counselor Troi to a "Traditional Betazoid Wedding" in Ten Forward.
3. Not allowed to tease Miles O'Brien about being the only Chief Warrant Officer in Starfleet.
4. I may not degrade the position of ship's counselor by answering every order of "report" with "I feel paaaaaiiiinnnnn….".
5. I am not a part of the Q Continuum.
6. The safety settings on the Holodeck are not "just for wimps". They malfunction often enough without deliberate tampering.
9/23/2012 c4 Katsarethere
Haahahahahthis is great! I have a few: do not attempt to give spot a bath.
Yes spot sheds, no you may not carry around lint-rollers and randomly swipe them across Data.
9/18/2012 c4 21CapLovesHankandKel
Absolutely hillarious! LOVED SNG and these are so funny! Keep them coming!

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