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for Shatterd life

10/8/2017 c3 5fuck this bullshitiness
Uhhg please update
5/28/2014 c3 Bookish Vibes
3/22/2014 c3 2BecAngelWizardDivergentTribute
U haven't updated in ages please update
2/10/2014 c3 1SciFi-Fan9
It is great, should have kept writing.
11/28/2013 c3 dreamhaunter06
Update please!
11/27/2013 c3 hexedwings
Pls pls pls tell meh yur cotinuing! I LUV IT!
9/7/2013 c3 Patch's Ass
Please please please please pretty please update!
8/15/2013 c3 Guest
I know its been over a year, but could u update please. I lov this story, i cant wait to see wat happens next.
8/8/2013 c3 Lux'.'Nox.512
I really like it Pleas continue:)
5/17/2013 c3 ExplodingSewers96
i am sitting here next to my friend smiling like an idiot wanting to know what happens next :)
5/6/2013 c1 MuchoMangoz1734
awww you shoulda continued ( (
3/24/2013 c3 Nerdchic
Love it! Great story, who was the uncle?
1/9/2013 c3 Guest
This is adorable, I don't know if you've continued this story, seeing as it was last updated in April 2012, but if you have i'd love to read more of it. :)
9/9/2012 c3 3Deathstarling556
Omg,pach need his but kicked!
8/31/2012 c3 2blazzer12
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