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for Violent Delusions

1/13/2014 c3 linda12344
Very good and hope House and Cuddy can get back together again in love of course.
7/15/2012 c3 24onesieandacalendar
I am really loving this story so far, I actually like how you said that you're not sure what will happen with House and Cuddy. I like that I don't feel like they are being forced to be together, which is the feeling I get from a lot of stories lately. Instead, you have an original idea that is extremely well written, well characterized, and well paced. Can't find any negatives.
7/15/2012 c3 34OldSFfan
Fascinating, very different story, very polished. I look forward to the rest of it.
7/15/2012 c3 22MissBates
A well-written chapter that begets as many new questions as it answers old ones. Rachel had better really be sick, because bringing her to House's new associates probably isn't conducive to Cuddy, Wilson or Brad's safety. Everyone's playing with fire here, and I'm dying to find out just what is going on. (Interesting, that Ashley is so similar to Cuddy not only in general colouring, but also in dress, that House mistakes one for the other from a distance.)

I eagerly await your next update.
7/15/2012 c3 lin12344
Need Cuddy and Brad apart and be House/Cuddy at the end PLEASE
7/15/2012 c3 3amme7
waiting for the next one...
7/14/2012 c3 HuddyGirl
7/14/2012 c3 Alex
Wonderfully written, I admire how different and intriguing your story is.
7/14/2012 c3 Abby
Very good new chapter...
7/14/2012 c3 IHeartHouseCuddy
I love all the details in your writing, the medical drama, the human drama. It's written so excellently and I'm glad to see House, Cuddy and Wilson all in the same place no matter what transpires.
please please update soon.. i love your writing and this story, keep up the good work ;)
5/21/2012 c2 22MissBates
A really interesting chapter. I liked that Cuddy gets to return to normalcy and that Rachel forgets House. (I don't believe that three year olds remember for long, and he doesn't deserve to be remembered.) Your dry unemotional style works very well for me. It contrasts well with the contents, which are harrowing (the image of Cuddy standing inside the house, surrounded by debris and clutching the brush) or worrying (House mixed up with people whom we previously suspected and now know to be dangerous). I'm looking forward to your next update.
5/20/2012 c2 HuddyGirl
5/20/2012 c2 Abby
Very good chapter.
5/20/2012 c2 Alex
Wonderfully written I think you're a talented writer. Cuddy's life is like a rubber band, it stretched out pretty far and allowed her to find a new love and become indifferent to House and now she's snapped all the way back and is on a plane to House. Ironic.
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