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for Hinata's Problem

7/4/2014 c14 rc48177
I like it 3. Keep it up
7/2/2014 c14 Guest
when next chapter
6/28/2014 c14 1willowskeith
Good story so far
6/16/2014 c14 Alfonse08
It really is too bad you seem to have abandoned this story, it wasn't that bad all things considered, I've certainly seen my fair share of worse fictions.
6/10/2014 c10 bramastra
Most of your explanations are bull
6/10/2014 c9 bramastra
This should be a yaoi story as sasuke was also born in this time, and wouldn't the kyubis chakra attack him more since he has the sharingan and it's chakra has it's own consciousness which is actually stupid on kishimotos part , also there are a lot more babies in konoha's at this time, I don't ship narusasu but I still don't like how you pretty much made an explanation, and didn't think much about it good story but the premise sucks you have great talent and should work on it.
6/10/2014 c14 kikking
Do you know when the next chapter will be out?
5/19/2014 c11 guest
I really like the story line and the word that was use. Are u going to update other chapter? If use please do it right because i can't wait to see what happen next.
5/4/2014 c14 inquisitive guy
Are you ever gonna finish this?
5/3/2014 c14 Guest
Please post again
4/25/2014 c14 jwbones2000
Man I wish you would have continued this one. It's a great unique story. Oh well.
4/14/2014 c14 CURIOUS
So did you take this story to another site, and if so what site is it?
3/14/2014 c5 Majin-kun
I've never said this in a review...mostly cause I like to stay on the down low...but that was pretty hot. A whole lemon chapter...just great. I feel like this is a glimpse at what Icha-Icha would be like if it existed.
I'm sure it won't ever happen...but I feel like asking just for the hell of it...do you think Hinata would react even just a tiny to either Ginkaku&Kinkaku and Minato? I know for certain that it would be totally controllable for her...but even just a tiny bit?
Well...I just noticed(always do) that your last update was in '12...so I might not review again...this HAS been abandoned after all.
3/14/2014 c4 Majin-kun
I gotta admit...the first half of the story had me thinking Naruto was a total pussy for abandoning ship like that, specially in the state Hinata was in, and how her confession must have sounded.
But after his talk with Shizune, I understood that this Naruto has the emotional level of a child...I mean in Canon he must have gone into shock and denial, specially since she was "put down" seconds after her confession, not to mention the state he must have been in knowing that not only Kakashi had died, but Jiraiya's murderer had caused it...so its easy to see how her confession just evaporated when he went all Kyuubi on the Deva Path...
But still, going into a bathroom stall and crying like a bitch?(Harsh...its morning and I'm a bit grumpy) Lost some man points Naruto. Not saying this cause I might be mentally jokingly jealous about the state Hinata is in and what she's about to do to him.
3/14/2014 c3 Majin-kun
I've always thought that canon-Naruto would be surprisingly well versed with sex, and probably a big pervert in the right situation. Even if those situations have not(and will not appear) in the story...I mean three years with Jiraiya! Probably always near bath-houses and pool/swimming areas with hot chicks in bathing suits must have left an impression on Naruto that he must have sealed off in his mind...I wonder if I can say the same for your Naruto...he totally failed in the simple innuendos Tsunade is referring about.
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