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for Hinata's Problem

3/14/2014 c1 Majin-kun
Nishishi...she actually came from a hug...oh wow. The Naruto effect is strong on this one...
2/26/2014 c12 Guest
Kyuubi was an unnecessary asshole I mean really?grossly oversized? The bigger the better right? and SAKURA of all people? That wailing piece of cardboard with the five head instead of forehead as NARUTO's mate? INO would've been a better second choice. Oh yeah this isn't a flame or anything to you just on his character
2/23/2014 c12 Guest
Ino is soooooooooooooooooooo fucking sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
2/8/2014 c1 rjroy309
I actually loved your story one of best best .i would love to read till the end if you finish it
1/28/2014 c7 Guest
Tsunade is on all-out feminist rampage, thinking that Naruto did something wrong even though he didn't. Even if it weren't Kyuubi-influenced, people can't control their dreams, so there can be no guilt in having them. That's kind of in-character for Tsunade (she's rather blatantly misandrist in canon), but it's weird that the others are going along with it.
12/30/2013 c14 NARUHINA
12/29/2013 c14 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up update soon
12/19/2013 c14 LeDekuMon
Hey hey hey!
Just wanted to say I've been enjoying this fic a lot, both the lemon and non-lemon parts, you manage to do both together without going too overboard with either :D Aside from that, just wanted to say I'm waiting for the next chapter now ;) cliffhanger hopefully won't drive me too crazy before then! haha, good luck with continuing the story!
12/17/2013 c12 Guest
Besides, it's nice having a girlfriend who gets horny just being near you. Makes her that much more energetic when you do the nasty.
12/7/2013 c14 9Albert da Snake
12/7/2013 c13 Albert da Snake
Awesome! Fucking Awesome! You Sir are a fucking GENIUS ! You hear me, a genius, I say!
12/7/2013 c12 Albert da Snake
Nice plot twist I have to say I never thought of that happening. So she was basically an animal or a female animal in heat. WoW!
12/7/2013 c10 Albert da Snake
Nicely done! Awesome chapter too! Keep up comin!
12/7/2013 c8 Albert da Snake
Awesome makeup sex! I have to say you are very creative about this. I hope there is more in the next chapter!
12/7/2013 c7 Albert da Snake
Okay now theis good really good! You saved your story! Hurray!
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