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for Hinata's Problem

3/16/2013 c5 tim lee1
Wow...a great action packed chapter here:) You include a lot of good detail and the whole scene is sexy and easy to follow. Super job of writing a lemon scene.
3/16/2013 c4 tim lee1
An emotional chpt but it kind of shows that this is a serious type thing that is effecting Hinata and has for a long time. You also get into Naruto's emotional state here too. By the way, good Sakura bashing along the way! I like the image right at the end there when Naruto gets to his bedroom. Love it.
3/16/2013 c3 tim lee1
The story gets better and better...there is no rambling, just great writing here. Good humor and good lime make this a fun read so far:)
3/15/2013 c2 tim lee1
Naruto almost comes under attack...while helping Hinata. Lots of funny happenings here. Love the story so far.
3/15/2013 c1 tim lee1
This is an amazing and funny beginning! Good job of laying the background reasons for Hinata's super attraction for Naruto. It is far out but plausable in a fictional kind of way:) The whole chapter is super...but the countdown of the distance closing between them is just great as you tell how it effects Hinata.
3/11/2013 c6 CruxisRemnants
Good and well written chapter. 8/10 Almost wish Ino was the love interest !...Okay I did.

I didn't liked either of their behavior though, Naruto would ask Hinata what's wrong and not bitch about it all day, because yeah he acted like a complete jerk, assuming something don't give him the right to behave this way, if his assumption was confirmed true then he could do it legitly.

Hinata who loves Naruto so much isn't even able to talk with him about his dream ? How could she be in love and don't have faith in him ? That's not love, that's called lust. Yeah I know she's a self depreciation adept, but go to such an extend is ridiculous, even for her.
2/23/2013 c5 Guest
2/22/2013 c5 CruxisRemnants
Impressive, that was better than most lemons i've ever read.

I thought about rating this chapter 8 since even as good as it is, it's still a smut only chapter but i realised it wouldn't be fair.
You managed to keep me interested from the beginning to the end and even made me chuckle at some points.

2/22/2013 c4 CruxisRemnants
Awesome, but still the cannon Naruto didn't suffer from such a trauma, if he did he would have at least:
-an Uchiha's emoness level
-would have gotten Konoha's bitches faster than Sakura can say "Sasuke-Kun"(Because we all know that Emoness is the shit, and their parents telling them not to go near a boy they're already fallen for would have the opposite effect even if it's just a petty crush)
-would have probably become friend with Sasuke after giving him tips on girls and "The Talk"(because let's be honest the poor soul don't even know what the bitches who're constantly hitting on him want , he was far too young when is clan died, and after that incident who would teach him ? That's why he went against Itachi before he had at least one single damn child and risking both the Sharingan and the Uchiha clan to die with him.)
-would become darker and darker Vader style until he left Konoha for power with Sasuke(Of course they would take some of their favorites bitches, they're proper gentlemen after all !)
-would help Sasuke murder the fuck out of Itachi(who wouldn't fight back much, after all he did in cannon for Orochimaru to leave his brother's body,by the way that sounds just so wrong)
-would burn Konoha to the groud along with Sasuke( because they would swear to help each other achieving their ambitions, with Itachi out of the picture would have already done his job)
-would finally raise their families over Konoha's ashes, pregnant women and children playing and laughing to the sounds of burning corpses breaking under their feet.
-would take over the world thrty years later thanks to their fuckton of Uzuchihamaki children raised to kill after having already threatened the fire daymio into concealing their existence to the world and blaming Konoha's demise upon Akatsuki.

Well...Maybe I got a little carried away, I'm fine with people altering Naruto's past in fictions, I just can't stand people able to tell you that Naruto had it that bad in cannon.

10/10 Excellent even if the weeping scene was fairly depressing.
2/20/2013 c3 CruxisRemnants
I'm almost feeling bad for Hinata _

They all seem to be in characters.

You're doing an awesome job so far !
2/20/2013 c2 CruxisRemnants
Damn this world needs more drunk .
Tsunade as forgiving as ever.(Which means not at all)

Wonderful chapter 10/10
Maybe even better written than the last one.
2/20/2013 c1 CruxisRemnants
That must be the best reason ever to explain Hinata's behavior ! That character never made me laugh that much.

Seriously there was a stupid grin on my face from the beginning to the end.

10/10 Well written, both hilarious and serious enough for it not to be merely ridiculous.
Naruto seems to be in character too.
2/15/2013 c9 1fierblaze
its been like 8 months! where r u man! i love this story!
2/8/2013 c8 Oniix
*cue pervy giggle* heehee
2/3/2013 c1 1tacoeater125
Never realized Hinata was such a horny pervert lol but nice story it's very well written!
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