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12/7/2020 c2 2NightWolf014
Please continue this story!
9/9/2014 c2 BlueStar19
Love it a total 10. Keep up the great work and don't let writer's block get in your way.
11/20/2013 c2 1RainbowGuardian13
Wonderful job please update soon
10/13/2012 c2 1Autobot Firekat
please continue
6/5/2012 c2 Leradomi
Please update I've been waiting for this one
5/8/2012 c2 fanficenator
Wow, this is so original! I've never seen them as both brothers and lovers before, although the concept doesn't bother me in the least, as I believe Cybertronians would have a different concept about "incest" than humans would.

The sparklings are so, so cute! I'd love to read more, but what you've so far is great! :) And a drawing, too? Sweet! Yay!
4/7/2012 c2 2Amai Seishin-Hime
AWWWW! AHHHHH! AHHHH! SPARKLINGS! SOOOOO CUTE! OMG I just died XD The cuteness outweighs the angst at the end
4/3/2012 c1 Amai Seishin-Hime
OO! I really like this so far! Very interesting concept for Jakie and Hatch, seen them as twin but not "incest." Seen them together before as twins but the authors using Cybertrion mumbo jumbo ;3 I really do like this though! cant wait for more.

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