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8/3/2016 c13 Nymph
Please write more
11/2/2014 c13 GabbiGrl
Hi! I know you haven't updated this story in a while but I really like it and hopefully you will update soon!
8/5/2013 c13 15MysteriousMissSirius
It's cute how Remus doesn't want to go, even though he's coming back at night.
Tonks is the perfect one to reassure him.
I love how clueless she is when Remus is gone. So bored as if he's the only one to entertain her.
I've never imagined the sorting scene and the feast from the point of view of a teacher yet... Interesting :)
McGonagall is the perfect Headmaster, after Dumbledore of course!
Professor Dhalmer :D
Aw the cheering for Remus is so cute!
Great chapter!
8/4/2013 c13 4dftbamda
I love Remus and Tonks, and I especially love stories when they live! Update soon please! (:
5/23/2013 c12 AccountKiller3333
I'm surprised I hadn't reviewed it! I read it, I remember reading it! Maybe I was in a hurry and I didn't review because I always review new chapters of the fic i'm reading
It's really good :) I love this story I wish it had happened FEELS
3/18/2013 c12 22Izzy713
I love this story-Izzy713
3/2/2013 c12 15MysteriousMissSirius
Omg Remus and Teddy are so cute together!
Losing Fred is as bad for Molly as if Tonks would lose Teddy. Which may not happen in any case! Fred shouldn't have died :(
Teddy changing his hair to ginger is adorable!
And I like how George still makes jokes. In some other stories he doesn't anymore, and I hate that.
Why is Harry unhappy? I wanna know now!
I like how Percy talks about Audrey :)
Keep writing! ;)
11/4/2012 c11 MysteriousMissSirius
Yay Remus and Tonks are so cute together! Just... too cute for words!
What's wrong with Andromeda? She seems to be annoyed by them?
Anyway, include more if their fluffy stuff, I can't seem to get enough of it! :)
9/20/2012 c1 207sarahfeliciam
ooooohh, I love cliffhangers..But Remus is my favorite :( I hope he is alright...As un-injured as possible anyway. This is a very good story and I will continue reading for sure! :) Sometimes I am a slow reader, though, so bare with me!
9/16/2012 c10 rachel
love it i hated it when they died
9/16/2012 c10 Guest
I love this story! Please write more chapters :)
9/14/2012 c10 15MysteriousMissSirius
Oh I love this chapter! Remus is so... Marauderish :) I love how he teases Tonks.
And I'm really curious as for where they're going now!
7/14/2012 c8 nathaly
I loved it!
please keep going I die to know how teddy will grow up with his parents!
update soon!
6/22/2012 c8 MysteriousMissSirius
"Hey, maybe I'll repeat the year." I would say exactly the same! Ginny and Hermione are so lucky!

I loved this chapter, as birthdays are usually not described, unless Harry's pathetic ones.

And for the babysitting: great idea! ;)
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