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for Past and Future (Original)

6/3/2012 c28 4roseal
who's this chicklit?
6/3/2012 c28 2ToReMusical
You put my character in the story! YAAAY! I LUV YOU SO MUCH! ok im done. Im just so happy. I luv you! I luv you! I luv you! This is how i always act when someone does something i requested. You are the best! Cant wait for the next one!
6/3/2012 c28 Daisy Roselina
Thxs :3

Also, I got a new character :3

Name: Max Hedgehog

Age: 1 year older than Lexie

Fur: Dark Blue

Gender: Male

Relatsion ship: Lexie's boyfriend (He is Flash)

Likes: Reading, Video games (Thats Lexie's secret hobby), Pizza, Play pranks on Sonic (everytime he wakes up and before he goes to lunch), Hanging out with Lexie,

Room: With Tails and Sonic

Background: Lexie and Max became a couple in 5th grade, they went to different school at the start of 8th grade.

Max's clothes: Wears something like the boy's uniform.



(He wears this as an extra)Jacket:Red


Hair:Quils like silver but a little bit up puls front hair (Point like edge covers most of his right eye)

Can he come in chapter 29 plz (:3
6/3/2012 c28 6CVWriting
Yay! I'm in, hope it wasn't to much to ask for (I sound like Chloe) :D. Your doing a great job with Chloe, I appreciate it. One more thing, Chloe hates Scourge, once she see's him she automatically thinks he's bad. That's all I have to say.

Thanks again.
6/3/2012 c28 14everLucky18
you got some grammer mistakes and no sonic:'( but other then that you did good
6/3/2012 c28 1Spectacular Super Nova
Alex: Oh Ehm Gee! Haha, had to do that, sorry ;p Who's Gracy?

Jonas: Hi Sweetie! *waves to Madison*

Enorbaria: I Love you Jasie! *blows kiss to Jason*

Warrior: Cool, she's at Home! The parents seem nice! :D

Hounder: Lol, they where texting each other when they were right next to each other XD

Beat: Haha, and Jason was acting like that on Purpose or what?
6/2/2012 c1 Your bro
sonofagumchewing funk monster this is good
6/2/2012 c1 Your bro
Awsome best story in the world
6/1/2012 c1 2ToReMusical
This story is amazing! I was reading this about5 times! Um could... You put my OC in there? Her name is Grace. Heres her Bio:

Likes: pizza, Silver, Amy, Blaze, candy, cakes, science, & swimming

Dislikes: Scourge, Shadow, Team Sonic (she only likes Tails.), Math, Reading, & Sally (she doesnt trust her.)

Other: she has speed just like Shadow and Sonic. Shes a fast learner, Grace loves skating and doing jobs. Oh and she wears a brown shirt with blue pockets, A peach colored vest, the shirt cuts above her belly, she wears a gold belt, some blue shorts, brown fuzzy, puffball boots, and she has a red head band with red bows on each side, and shes a yellow golden retreiver, her hair lasts all until her hips but she ties it up.

Lets say shes a very old friend of Amy, Amy calls her by her nickname 'Gracey'. Can she be a new student in the next chapter? She loves Amy alot. Sonic can be jealous of her. But Grace is an all natural girl. Her full name is Grace Malinda Milly. She gets along with everybody except for Shadow. But sooner or later they can become friends. I know you havent met me before and you think im new because i am! Before i signed up. I was already on fan fiction. I loved your stories and checked everyday to see if theres a new one. I hope you can fit Grace in! Ill comment on your other stories! Im also on DevArt account: kookoo12341 hope you find me! Also i was inspired so im doing a comic about this! Its called Autums Angel. I really hope you can fit

Grace in! Oh and no need to worry about the old friend part. Amy should have known her since Pre-K! Until first grade Grace moved away. But then came back in high school. Could she be part of Team Rose? Im not trying to be demanding. But i see her in the next chapter i think! Ill be waiting!
5/31/2012 c27 14everLucky18
5/31/2012 c27 Guest
5/31/2012 c27 5Angelheart3011
Yeah and I agree really cute. And nice that Cream and Tails hugged each other even if they were enemies. UASAP.
5/31/2012 c27 2Romantic Person
Yeah, Tails and Cream are awesome :D So smart and cute at the same time _ Im so happy XD

Aww, Rouge is a wonderful matchmaker ;D Keep it up!

So, cant wait for the next chap :)Also, its so cool to see Team Rose and Team Sonic being friendly (or more) to each other _
5/30/2012 c27 Guest
Also my username on the computer is Daisy Roselina. I haven't made any stories yet though. They last time I did. It was a dister
5/30/2012 c27 Guest
Thxs for putting my character in.

I forgot to mention these though:

She sing japanese songs like "Alice Human Sacrfice"

She and Sonic were dared to kiss in 3rd grade when Lexie vist one and Sonic agreed to never speak of Lexie said she could prank Sonic whenever she agreed.

She Sonia kinda have a tiny haterd for each other

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