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for Past and Future (Original)

8/22/2012 c41 4everlucky18
Nooooo yyyyy
8/22/2012 c41 6CVWriting
IT'S OVER! Noooooo! Anyway I hope you make a sequal, thank you VERY much for including Chloe in the story! I'll keep in touch with your stories. I'm making some stories of my own. There called Sonic Dodgers, Two Different Worlds, Two Different Sonics, and The Three Musketeers. You are an awesome writer, and this was a GREAT story AND it was your first one! Keep it up, Sayonara and thanks again!
8/22/2012 c41 SonicAmy4ever
Aawww itz over? D:
I love the story hope u have the sequal and update soon :)
Good luck ;)
8/21/2012 c41 Flarewind
They said “I love you” to end the story how sweet.I'm loving the wait for !
8/21/2012 c41 maverickhunter1996
Wow its been a long while since I last read this lol. Well now that it is over I just want to say that this is a real great fic and one of your bests. Just a real great way to end it by breaking the fourth fall. I really can't wait for the sequel and so far "Last Nightmare" is really good so far.
8/21/2012 c41 Alesia
man im gonna miss reading this story its so amazing! i fell crying now that its over :(
8/21/2012 c41 AssassinsCreed25
NOOOOOO! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!:'( I loved the story full-heartedly. A little something about me is,if I get attached to a story, I am always anxious for the next chapter. But I can never keep my self from feeling so dissapointed when the end comes. Not saying I feel dissapointed of the story, but the end of the story is what I never like. Once again, I LOVED the story,and I can't wait for the !
8/21/2012 c41 2MeadowsAndSunsets
It's over! :'( But there will be a sequel next month, yay! :D Dude, everyone just like broke the 4th wall there! xD And Sonic finally asked out Amy woohoo! - I seriously enjoyed reading this! All the drama, humor, and romance is great! I'm very impressed with your story! Now if you'll excuse me, I will read your other story! See ya later! Can't wait for the sequel! x3
8/21/2012 c41 1TheBlueAlienRobotZombie
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O! You broke the fourth wall, btw. I loved this story! wh;d it have to end!
8/17/2012 c40 Guest
Make a sequel where there Seniors!
8/16/2012 c40 xxSTORMxx
oh btw,
wht dus GBVBG mean?
great banana vs big grape?
ive lost it!


my cat died...
8/14/2012 c40 2MeadowsAndSunsets
Only one more chapter left?! Awww man! Oh well, at least there's still GB vs. BG! :D
Haha, Cosmo got told! xD Everyone is starting to become friends, uh I mean more than friends I guess! x3
Rouge and Knuckles, Tails and Cream, Silver and Blaze, and not but not least, Sonic and Amy! :)
Welp, I guess it's time to end this review. I can't wait for the last chapter! Yes, the very last chapter of this amazing story... D'x
8/14/2012 c1 4Kosma Bandra
This is actually really well told! Usually I don't too much care for Amy/Sonic (speaking for the fanfiction I wrote) but this is an exception. Keep it up.
8/14/2012 c40 20Midnight Alexis Thorn
Hey, I absolutely LUV ur story, but where's Shadow been haven't heard from him in a while? I'd really appreciate it if you put him back in more and if you wanna couple him up with someone I have an OC for him _.

Midnight Thorn is her name she is a beautiful female purple hedgehog with pink highlight's in her hair, wears purple sunglasses most of the time when she doesn't wear sunglasses she wears contacts to hide that she's blind. Her hair style is like Amy's except her quills go down to her mid-back like hair. She has 3 bangs over 1 eye, and is blind but not as blind as you may believe she totally kicks ass. She also has a british accent. People consider her "Emo" but she has many good reasons which is her awful past. She's also kind of a smartass that won't hesitate to beat the shit out of you if you bother her. She also loves to pull pranks and has a witty comeback for everything. Her pet is Capone the blue nose pitbull he follows her pretty much everywhere unlike Huntress.

Powers- she has super speed, chaos powers, can read minds if she concentrates really hard (but she normally doesn't as she doesn't like to invade their private thoughts... most of the time), and can move things with her mind(sometimes), she can also talk to animals that don't speak like them.

Thank you a bunch! Update soon! D
8/14/2012 c40 1TheBlueAlienRobotZombie
clicked this chapter dreading the end, and ended happy. I love Taiream, and theres still a quetion, where does tails work?
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