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for Past and Future (Original)

8/8/2012 c39 2MeadowsAndSunsets
Lol, I love how you made Creams voice innocent and sweet! xD
Sorry that I haven't been reviewing! I was on vaction, since you know it's Summer.
Yaaaaaaay, Amy's the new manager of Pizza Parlor! :D
Past and Future is coming to an end...NOOOOO! I love this story! Aww man I hope nothing goes wrong at the dance!
Can't wait for the next chapter! x3
8/7/2012 c39 Anonymous

8/5/2012 c39 Flarewind
Smooth chapter... no SonAmy though. :'( Cant beleive its gonna end soon up the good work! XD
8/5/2012 c39 Guest
Connor: This fanfic is epic too bad its ending.

Ronnoc: I your evil clone have found you again Connor and I hate this fanfic!

Connor: I have had enough of you Ronnoc you follow me on every comment I post its time to end it! (Gets gun out.)

Ronnoc: ARGGH (runs away.)

Connor: What an idiot its a fake gun... anway great chapter.
8/3/2012 c39 LOL
8/3/2012 c39 Skater Dude
I think Tails and Cream should be together.
8/3/2012 c39 Connor
I have been a massive fan of this story even though this is my first review. But I have one thing to say... THIS STORY JUST KEEPS GETTING MORE EPIC!
8/1/2012 c39 13PinkMousey
please update I luvs this story...
8/1/2012 c39 6CVWriting
YAY! I passed the exam! Anyway, you did a GREAT JOB, as always.
Sorry I don't review that much, its cause I'm too lazy to sign in and all that stuff. But I guarantee that your doing an AWESOME JOB! Keep it up!
8/1/2012 c39 1TheBlueAlienRobotZombie
Why does it have to end! Anyway, nice one. Knuckles is stupid. And I still wounder if Cream or Cosmo ends up with Tails at the dance, seeing as that's probibly the last chapter!
8/1/2012 c39 14everLucky18
I want sonamy sonamy sonamy before it ends I want a chapter all about sonamy please
8/1/2012 c39 1Spectacular Super Nova
Alex: OMG! OMG! OMG! THIS REVIEW ISN'T LATE!1!1!1!1! SQUEEEEEEE! Aren't you happy? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! X'D Well, I guess it's just me and Mason this time since every OC's a little busy with their pair (Especially the Futures, if ya know what I mean (Of course you do, you were there XDDD) XD)

Mason: *confused* Huh?

Alex: *pats her head* When your older sweetie.

Mason: -_-*

Alex: *laughs nervously* Uh, so! hehe, um, well, Hi! *waves* *laughs* Haha, okay now that that's over, It's so weird to know that this is almost over, like Major OMG! XD

Mason: *winces* You sounded like a valley girl right now Xp

Alex: Lol, yup! XD Anyway, it totally was a terrific run! I remember I actually reviewed this on the the 12th chapter :3 I actually got to be in the story too X3 *jumps up and down* buuuut then Brendon got in the way, but let's not talk about him! *sweatdrop*

Brendon: *chibi form* Who wouldn't want to talk about me? *hugs her leg* (I'm pushing my luck here, he's not mine XD)

Alex: *whimpers* *covers the camera*

(Few minutes later)

Brendon: *walks away covered in lipstick marks*

Alex: *giggles* I'll see you in the romance topic when Chaos (short for Chaos Rock4445) gets back! ! ! !

Mason: *giggles* You left Manic for him? ? ? ? ? ?

Alex: *shrugs* *giggles* I fell in love! Even though he's 17, like, 5 years older than me X3 *giggles* Anyway, this story has been amazing, and I loved being a part of it to the very last moment! ! ! ! ! ! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, I know, I'm getting all emotional when this hasn't even been the last chapter, LOL XD But I have to say it now! It's like the emotional part before the end of the movie! ! ! ! ! XDDD Hahaha, so anyway, my best friend, I'll love you (Ewww, not that way! ! ! XD) and your work till the end of my days, Even if it does have spelling and grammar mistakes! (Hey, everybody makes mistakes :p) I hope you finish this story soon, and don't keep the fans waiting! You can do this Luna! ! ! *hugs* See you in chapter 40 my friend! ! ! ! ! :D
7/29/2012 c9 gnarly charlieee
hmm? wonder why sally smelled like boy spray?
7/29/2012 c21 gnarly charlieee
Nice chapter
7/28/2012 c38 6CVWriting
Awesome Chapter! Keep it up! I wonder what will happen next.
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