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for Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

4/8/2023 c6 Scarease
Now you enter silly with talking wolves .How hell did get form Europe to America ?
4/8/2023 c5 Scarease
Think your make instinct to Human it should more primal ,animalistic .So Like Leon would fight instincts to hunt ,to infect ,eat non-infected people .Like being presence to long in close proximity would agitate him as on instinctual level see them as threat or prey .Well he might form instinct to see them as Pack so natural clined to protect those he close to .

One my Characters that created for my zombie universe is Vampire Subject so he been genetic bond to human girl and she to him .he has to fight his instinct to turn her and his human allies ,Especial when injured or hungery .One One is tyrant class Infect named the Goliath he constant moody with short temper he has fight his instinct to crush ,smash ,rip and destroy thing annoy him ,agitate him so he lost time spend time alone good distance away human allies so in void going into bezerker rage attacking them .he moment when need go out and kill or even his fury nature .Only One really stay near him is little infect Girl do to her nature is not really endanger of provoking his rage as her ability often triggers protection drive .
4/8/2023 c4 Scarease
Mutation of Leon remind one Ocs for Zombie universe .some of subject tend to on slow on mutation process .Leon would Apex Class mean that out of the infect he top tear with only tyrant class being higher .

Two types of tyrant Weaponized tyrants like the Nemesis and natural Tyrants like the tank and many Tyrant have not been augmented in any way but natural mutated by virus or parasite .
4/8/2023 c2 Scarease
well you look Normal Leon no other abnormalities appearance wise .Plus have infect that on you side great .
4/8/2023 c1 Scarease
I been working on Cataloging all different types of Infected , zombies ,Mutants ,Inhuman expirements ,Mad Scientists ,BOWs,Parasites ,Vampires,weremonsters,Scientific abominations ,inhuman expirements ,humanoid Monsters into One World I call Zombie Universe .
So take Resident Evil ,number horror movies ,Bio-shock ,System Shock,F.E.A.R ,Left for dead ,Dead island ,Dying Light ,Last of us ,World War Z ,Days gone ,and more into same universe .If has Virus ,parasite ,Mutant or BOW monster then likely in One world .
Main Cast of Character are survivors Ocs , Cannon Characters ,Few sentient Infected and BOWs vs the Board Member inspired various Villains different series .Members include Bison from Street Fighter ,Albert Weaker ,and remains some Own Villainous mad scientists .all World to weed out Weak of humanity ,to see who adapts and evolves ,What eventual take over world with their BOWs and Super Soldiers .
1/23/2023 c7 Guest
Don't know if you are still alive but it was a fun read to bad it hasn't been updated in a decade hopefully the Haitus is at an end soon
4/28/2022 c1 36evolution-500
This looks very promising so far. Will any of the other RE characters such as Claire, Jill or Rebecca appear in this?
5/4/2020 c7 ZeEinKaizerIA
M8 idk if you are still alive but if u sre then pls update
3/17/2019 c7 rcontrerasflores499
buen cap leon podrĂ¡ convertir su brazo en un cuchillo como el de krauser de re 4 y proprias poner a ashley
2/20/2018 c4 Guest
Dude, this is so fresh! (inner Splatoon fan kicking in 4 some reason) I do not want this series to end please continue! I really wanna see what happens when Leon (or the predator if that's what you want to call him) meets Jake! Maybe meeting Jake would give Leon memories of Sherry maybe? Idk.. But seriously dude I don't want this to die! Make it rise from the ashes like RE did bro come on I know you wouldn't let something amazing as this die right? Please bring this back!
10/5/2017 c7 1MazerMooso
Amazing story I hope you will continue soon.
I'm excited for the next chapter!

MazerMooso out!
10/5/2017 c6 MazerMooso
A talking Dog!
You just know how to make the story even funnier and awesome!
I like everything about your story!
The balance between Fun, Thrill, emotions and other categories.
An there is always a plot twist when needed!
It's sooooo good! I love it!

MazerMooso out!
3/28/2017 c7 Adaelion
I am so sad that this is dead and gone...
12/30/2015 c7 akari yumihime
Awesome story!
\(*o*)/ Please update!
12/18/2015 c7 cool girl
Still waiting for an update~...
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