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11/25/2014 c9 katherine davis
wow i think you should do one (chapter) where they are both drunk and act a little or a lot crazy i hope you do a lot crazy or you should make two chapters where they get married and rogue becomes pregnant I REALLY WANT YOU TO DO ONE OF THESE IDEAS SO BADLY AND I'LL CHECK BACK DAILY
11/25/2014 c8 katherine davis
what does he mean to the danger room and imagine if rogue and remy were both drunk they would maybe get naked (my guess) just a small thought
11/25/2014 c7 katherine davis
i would kill remy than if logan tried to stop me i would put him in a coma and if he awakend soon and was mad at me i would do skin contact for a longer time and put him in a longer coma
11/25/2014 c6 katherine davis
ahem a shark attack what do you mean
11/25/2014 c5 katherine davis
i can and sorta imagine what mandy looks like
11/25/2014 c4 katherine davis
oh my gosh they ditched the mansion for louisiana to visit remy's family but kitty totally like gave it away
11/25/2014 c3 katherine davis
oooohhhhh remy gonna get killed and rogue might as well be with that picture he saw
11/25/2014 c2 katherine davis
oh poor remy and kitty that must be embarrassing for remy and for kitty but who knew rogue would turn on him just like that right and what remy said rogue is NEVER going to walk around NAKED HE'S CRAZY IF HE THINKS SHE WOULD
11/25/2014 c1 katherine davis
oh come on logan doesn't know the first thing about relationships he's like an overprotective father he might as well interview duncan jean's boyfriend with a shotgun in his lap it's awful weird and really overprotective
8/23/2014 c1 7Sunspot101
Is Logan really that stupid? I could tell it was Remy from the third line.
8/5/2014 c9 12The Great Fanfiction Wizard
7/1/2013 c9 Yumi
1)Remy and Rogue go on a picnic.
2)Remy and Rogue's first kiss.
3)Remy and Rogue grinding on the dance floor.
4/26/2013 c9 20Wolf skater
Hahaha Logan, your so naive, if they were going 2 do something they'd leave the mansion
3/7/2013 c8 3Maddylovessmiles
Luv this
12/25/2012 c8 MusicLover4
Hahaha! I love chap.8! And if you need ideas, you should do one were Remy takes Rogue on a date to a ROMANTIC resterant. But Logan misheard and thinks something different... I know it's not very discripted but you said ideas, I will let you put in the details!
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