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for Something About Women

11/7/2018 c6 RAVEN
I adore this story. Plus the futa Kim is soooooo hot. I'm excited to see where this goes..
8/28/2018 c6 11Reza Novaria
Hey, welcome back! I remember reading this a long while, glad it's been revived. Even noticed a change in the writing style, more detailed. Nice.

A few hopes on my part. Kim becoming more dominant in the future, as she gets accustomed to the action, and her self esteem rises. Her own harem of sorts, though Shego being her closest. Gotta have a few dozen little Possibles running , even if the others, like Mo, find significant others, they still allow Kim a piece. And more Kigo, of course. Kigo is life.

Again, though, glad you're back with this. Hoping to see more, especially since there's so few out there where Kim wields the dick in the family.
8/27/2018 c6 HairyLimey
In the immortal words of Oliver Twist (I saw the movie once) please sir may I have some more :-)
8/27/2018 c6 KickassRikudouSenninNaruto
Finally! Dhdbskbssisg, welcome back! Hope to read more and enjoy it more! Because I do enjoy it, a lot! Can't wait to read more! :D
8/26/2018 c6 3SLIVERHAWKGIRL
yes a new chapter
8/26/2018 c6 65WolfDragonGod
Hey nice to see an update and I loved reading it as always can’t wait to read more
11/7/2015 c5 Guest
Can;t wait to see what happened, and will Bonnie really be fortunate enough to have the baby? and what will happen with that ?
3/9/2015 c5 Royal Cypher
The beginning was a tad unsettling, you know the whole "oh..Another one of those plot-less stories".. so it kind of took me by surprise that the story is heading in this direction.
keep up the awesome work & until next chapter.. I bid you adieu
2/28/2015 c5 Daryl
great chapters in this story. i'd love to read more
2/22/2015 c4 Daryl
good chapter on a good pairing
2/22/2015 c5 Rain Addict CM
Damn I forgot how much I love this story lol. I hope you decide to come back to this story sometime soon. It's such a great read.
2/21/2015 c3 Daryl
good kim/monique scene
2/21/2015 c1 Daryl
good start :)
I'm just glad someone is continuing this story conside how much it's been getting past around. It's not all bad I mean you get to see different writers take on a storys hope you or how ever possible gets this story again up dates soon.
7/29/2014 c5 Guest
wow so glad someone is continuing this. i really like it so far. Good thing that shego decided on the old fashioned way. although i could've imagined her climbing into kim's room like betty did. speaking of her, there has to be definitely more of her. and i guess vivian porter would not be bad either *.* i hope you can summon your spirits and continue this great work. all the best to you
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