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11/2/2013 c1 5BrookeElyse21
I absolutely love this story I've read this story soo many times this story is one of the few that i can read so many times and not get sick of it.
3/27/2013 c22 Guest
When I first started "keep holding on" I just hoped there'd be a time for Rachel in NY and on broadway! I loved this story and I'm glad I started reading your stories, I can't believe I've already read so many of them!
7/6/2012 c22 Guest
Oh no! I've finally finished! :'( I LOVED this fanfic and the entire series before it. I still tear up every time you mention Jack. This was a perfect final chapter and I really think you should carry on this series - why not write another one, please? Maybe with more Sarah, Grant and Zoe, and of course more Nicma, Ryva and Finchel! Please?

You're a really good writer and even though I've never really like Finchel, you've kinda changed that, and I really like all of your new characters. :)
Please write another one!
7/4/2012 c22 tiffyboocullenjonas
Wow that was great loved it
6/25/2012 c22 ilikemacarons
please write a sequel! i love all your stories - they're so believeable! Keep writing - you have a real gift!
5/31/2012 c1 Gleek2012
Will there be a sequel?
5/27/2012 c22 Mira
Gah! I loveee your stories. I would enjoy reading about finchel/college but I'd also like to see more of ryan/emma/nick and ava! Maybe even an epilogue or another story after finchel?(:
5/27/2012 c22 5Michi41
Such a great ending. I LOVED all of the ads and all of the love that was put into them. :)

As for the last Glee episode, well, if you really think about it, Finchel didn't TRULY break up. They still love each other profoundly, and they kissed before Rachel left. Plus, we all know they'll find their way back to each other. With every breakup they have had, they have.
5/27/2012 c22 1Ellii51
I really enjoyed this series, and I'm looking forward to the post-graduation one you're planning :)
5/27/2012 c22 22NoH8-make-a-rainbow
WHOOOOOO :) Will there be a sequel?
5/27/2012 c22 3Diamondgirl3
Yay there home!
5/27/2012 c22 RAGML
Awwwww! A happy ending! Love the ads for Rachel especially the one from Finn! I'm gonna miss this story! You did such an amazing job!
5/27/2012 c22 Gleek
I love the ending to this story id love to see another story on

nicma nd ryva in the futre
5/26/2012 c22 1Comegetit
I too, would love to see your take on season 3 close to the end. cant wait for it.

As most of you know when the season 3 DVDs do come out I will have to wait till Christmas to get them. The reason behind this is that my dear sister owes me a season. Last Christmas she bought me season 2 when I already had it. Now when they do come out, yes I will call her to go get them. But I do have some of the music from season 3 so no worries there.:D
5/26/2012 c22 noro
excellent writing
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