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9/6/2012 c22 iLoVeYoU120325
Update Soon
Your fanfic is coming along nicly
9/6/2012 c22 winnie78
Intéressant car je sens que la relation entre Tae Suk et Ga Eul démarre vraiment à partir de ce chapitre et je suis curieuse de voir la progression entre eux
ainsi que la réaction de YiJeong quand il verra "la fiancée" qu'a choisi son grand-père
et quand il découvrira que Tae Suk peint Ga Eul ?

S'il vous plaît continuer à mettre à jour votre histoire bientôt :)
Interesting because I feel that the relationship between Tae Suk and Ga Eul starts really from this chapter and I'm curious to see the progression between them
and YiJeong reaction when he sees "the bride" chosen by his grandfather
and when he finds out that Tae Suk painted Ga Eul?

Please continue to update your story soon :)
8/27/2012 c21 iLoVeYoU120325
Update soon I've been following for ages :D
8/25/2012 c21 grayhippo
8/25/2012 c21 Hairspray35
Yay! You Updated :D I like this chapter. BrightStar12 Fighting! Update Soon :)
8/25/2012 c21 winnie78
le chapitre est bon
votre écriture a évolué, bravo !
j'aime l'évolution du couple SoEul
j'ai hate de découvrir le mariage de EunJae/Hyun et le plan de Hyeon Suk et si son frère Tae Suk va intervenir ou/et tomber en amour pour Ga Eul
s'il vous plait continuer à mettre à jour votre histoire rapidement :)

chapter is good
your writing has evolved, bravo!
I love the changing of torque SoEul
I can not wait to discover the wedding EunJae / Hyun and plan Hyeon Suk and if his brother Tae Suk will intervene and / or fall in love with Ga Eul

Please continue to update your story soon :)
8/6/2012 c20 Guest
Why does Yi Jung and Ga Eul sound so distant at the beginning of chapter 20?
8/4/2012 c20 winnie78
Ce chapitre est bon même si je trouve les scènes du couple SoEul un peu court :)
Je me demande si le peintre n'est pas Tae Suk et
ce que Hyeon Suk va faire ou dire à Ga Eul ?
Et comment vont réagier les deux gars (Yi Jeong et Tae Suk) ?!
Merci pour votre effort pour la mise à jour... continuer.
This chapter is good although I find the scenes of the couple SoEul a bit short :)
I wonder if the painter is not Tae Suk and
Hyeon Suk that will do or say to Ga Eul?
And how are the two guys réagier (Yi Jeong and Tae Suk)?!
Thank you for your effort for updating ... continue.
8/3/2012 c20 grayhippo
Very cute
8/3/2012 c20 Hairspray35
Update ASAP! :) I want to know what Hyeon Suk is going to tell Ga Eul about Yi Jung :)
8/1/2012 c19 Guest
This chapter is good. Thanks for your effort to update.
7/24/2012 c19 winnie78
J'aime l'évolution du couple SoEul... ils se sont beaucoup manqués
Je me demande toujours si Tae Suk va tomber en amour avec Ga Eul ?
Ce que va faire Hyeon Suk ? et
Comment va réagir Yi Jung à tout ça (je suppose que son père va être un bon soutient sans oublier les F4 et JanDi) ?
S'il vous plait continuer à mettre à jour votre histoire rapidement :)
I like the breakaway SoEul ... they missed a lot
I always wonder if Tae Suk will fall in love with Ga Eul ?
What will make Hyeon Suk ? and
How Yi Jung will he react to all this (I assume that his father will be a good support without forgetting the F4 and JanDi) ?
Please continue to update your story quickly :)
7/23/2012 c19 Hairspray35
Wow, tis chapter is a bit interesting. I loved it :)
7/23/2012 c19 grayhippo
Honestly I'm not really a fan of this chapter. Yi Jung was very OCC when it came to the issues with his father. It's your story though so please don't take me comment to negative because it's basically like your the painter and I'm just one of many viewers. You probably should also go over it and correct at least some of your grammatical errors because some of them make certain parts of the story confusing.
Looking forward to reading more.
7/22/2012 c18 Hairspray35
OMG! This story is amazing and I think there is going to be alot of problems in the future. Brightstar12 Fighting! Update Soon!
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