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2/13/2016 c9 PERFECT TWO
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10/29/2015 c44 Lolo
hi thanks for coming back, surprised this story ...
which is the link of the page ?
10/24/2015 c44 1Sissi Romanovna
hey can i have the site please cuz you didn't write it
10/24/2015 c44 Olamy
update soon!araso
10/23/2015 c44 zealous2002
Hi, may I know which site should we visit...
10/21/2015 c44 atinanisa
Oh.. I cant wait to read this story.. I really love it.. Can u tell me where i can read this story.. Go to what site? Cause im dying to read this story..
10/20/2015 c44 guest
Dear author. Thank you for your note. Love this story very much. I think this website will not display any URL. It only comes out as .com so you might want to write the URL as, for example, hello dot com
10/20/2015 c44 Charity
Pls finish the fic here. Can't get it where u mentioned.
10/20/2015 c44 Guest
Plzzzz finish this story here too plzzz plzzz plzzz
10/20/2015 c44 Tyamutz
Glad that you are still planning to update it...can't wait to read it. However, which site are you going to move it? It seems I can't understand it from your note. Please advise. Thanks!
10/20/2015 c44 Guest
That's great! Thank u for choosing to update for us. Thank u! :)
10/9/2015 c43 garz
It's so good. Pls. Update.
10/2/2015 c43 5TheWiseNut
When will you continue or complete this? i am dying to read it...
7/3/2015 c43 aquablizz
Please update again.. It's really a great story.. I really want to know what's happen next.. Komawo
4/7/2015 c43 Damsel
Nice one, 'but finish d fanfic i am dying 2 know d ending or i won't review
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