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9/28/2023 c37 musemum
this is SO VERY VERY good... sorry I'm a bit late reading it
9/15/2023 c6 4JoVersify
This is brilliance.

Is it wrong that I want to steal this Edward and write him? Because I do. Doubt I could do him the justice you have.
9/8/2023 c58 CynMar Rom
Dude, this was so cute! I loved the idea behind how you wrote it, wish I had been participating in the fandom back then.
I loved it, and I loved Edward's snarkiness, it was adorable.
Thanks for sharing!
5/26/2023 c1 reader71360
So, this is Edward's transformation?
4/4/2023 c56 musemum
I really REALLY love the snark dialogue
4/3/2023 c45 musemum
this story is getting better and better... can't believe it took me so long to find it
4/3/2023 c44 musemum
... this chapter is pretty spectacular too... fabulous snark... love the interaction between EdwardBella
4/3/2023 c43 musemum
spectacular chapter!
4/3/2023 c40 musemum
...btw, really love this "smidge snarkier" Edward, just sayin'...
4/2/2023 c28 musemum
got to love Alicemoving in across the hall LOL
4/2/2023 c26 musemum
"mistake not to makeglad Edward heard, but will he comply?
4/2/2023 c17 musemum
... she actually stabbed him... mmmm
4/2/2023 c15 musemum
this story is so very very good!
4/2/2023 c12 musemum
"are you planning to stake me with that" LOL!
1/30/2023 c58 Jenycullen
That was really fun to read, loved snarky Edward!
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