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4/21/2022 c7 2TwiTwiAgain
4/21/2022 c4 TwiTwiAgain
How fun! You turned fic writing into an exercise challenge.
2/18/2022 c58 JulizaRose
Hi. This is the best Edward and Bella. This is how they should always be. I don’t know how I’ve never read this one. I think maybe you killed off Carlisle in another story and scared me! Anyway, what the kids say these days *chef’s kiss*, you’re the best! Thank you for sharing.
PS - The Cleaner is AMAZING.
11/29/2021 c58 PINKSAPPHYR
Loved it! That was truly truly good
10/24/2021 c58 4Halo221
This story turned out more than okay and it was a lot of fun to read!
10/22/2021 c14 Marymary123
well ut oh
9/3/2021 c58 twirob
AWESOME ! Thanks so much for completing and keeping it posted for us to read ;D
8/8/2021 c23 Guest
I'd always thought the Cullens would be able to take on the wolves, even if it required a bit more effort
7/21/2021 c34 frostedglaze
The last 3 sentences were just too funny.
7/9/2021 c58 i heart clash
I was drawn in by your summary of the story! It was interesting to read Bella this way! Also, Edward, bless his cold dead heart! I enjoyed his voice and all his asides in this story. And how he addressed his creepy stalker obsessive actions ahaha. Thank you for the wonderful read :)
1/29/2021 c58 MsLiss
Thank you
1/29/2021 c36 MsLiss
It’s making me laugh
So good
Thank you
1/29/2021 c35 MsLiss
Well that will warm her up to him surely
Thank you
1/29/2021 c30 MsLiss
I like that he was honest about Victoria
Thank you
1/29/2021 c28 MsLiss
Oh Alice
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