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1/7/2021 c58 7HarryPotterFangirl85
This story in EBOV was highly amusing, even if Edward had some pretty crazy thoughts, they were still hilarious. The plot twist there at the end was interesting, too.
7/16/2020 c58 Blistful2006
Awesome story and fantastic job weaving all these plots and makings Bella and Edward I adored. Though wish the Wolves got what was comings fo them though
2/12/2020 c58 Elisabeth123
Thank you ! Loved it! Loved Your Edward!
10/13/2019 c58 1divyvicki
Love reading ur stories! Hoping u finish Operation Break the Dawn!
10/13/2019 c57 divyvicki
Sweet of her to forgive him!
10/13/2019 c56 divyvicki
Loved the last line!
10/13/2019 c55 divyvicki
I like the way she thinks!
10/13/2019 c53 divyvicki
Wow, wasn’t expecting that! What an interesting twist
10/10/2019 c16 Tan
Umm doesn't this make Bella racist? Like MAJOR RACIST. She's fucking annoying
10/5/2019 c52 divyvicki
Loved it!
10/5/2019 c51 divyvicki
I love ur rendition of strong Bella!
9/28/2019 c48 divyvicki
Hmmm, wonder what Edward saw in Jacob’s memory
9/28/2019 c47 divyvicki
Love take charge Bella!
9/21/2019 c45 divyvicki
Edward is so stubborn!
9/17/2019 c42 divyvicki
So sweet!
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