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11/20 c195 Guest
I liked it but I hope you have more to come!
11/20 c195 Guest
I hope you will add more chapters to this and not just leaving things like this
10/29 c195 Guest
Louisa was so hateful to Martin it was ridiculous, and you went on and on with these long chapters! And then you didn,t even finish with the baby being born, I could not believe how you ended it!
8/29 c195 Guest
I really like this story.
8/25 c195 60robspace54
Ah. Truth in the night.
Nice chapter.
8/24 c114 Guest
Love this story!
8/14 c195 TheaMama
This is the second time I've read this story, every chapter and I love it! I hope it will continue, I want to know about the new baby, which I suspect is a girl - I want Martin to have a 'daddy's girl' so badly. Thank you for all your hard work and for continuing to bring these wonderful characters to life. I am grateful and so appreciative of the time and talent you have shared.
8/13 c195 Chelsietx
Aww..I’m glad her told her about the call and they discussed it. Louisa is correct that he isn’t any girl’s dream but is the right man for her. Thanks!
8/13 c195 hawthorn1102
These two certainly do have a difficult time communicating, don't they? Here they are, both wanting to say good things about the other, but each feeling like the other is mad at him/her. At least they finally seemed to reach a proper conclusion. Nice writing. Thanks for continuing this story.
8/12 c195 Sprintz
I think Martin is slowly coming around to the idea that people do like and respect him. Louisa has grown up as well. She's obviously thought about her own actions and thoughts from early on in their relationship and seems to have come to the conclusion that her input wasn't brilliant, either. Her phraseology at the end needs revising as Mrs Tishell has always found Martin attractive, and I'm sure other ladies have as well. Louisa should open her eyes and smell the coffee. Good chapter.
7/11 c194 4Apl9662
Had to catch up with a few chapters and that was a pleasant start of my Sunday morning! I really liked the call between Louisa and Pippa and Martin hearing it. He is just so much in love with her. Sometimes I wonder if Louisa realizes how much that is!

I do hope Louisa won’t overdo her administrative involvement with the summer school. Looking forward to the next chapter!
7/5 c194 5ke0212
Another lovely chapter - Martin ruminating on his family and learning to make them a priority. He took a break for lunch which cleared his mind making the pattern in his results plain to see. Sometimes taking a break does make the work go more quickly... another lesson learned, perhaps?
7/5 c193 ke0212
Some times it does take hearing your spouse tell someone else how wonderful you are in order to believe them ...a completely different matter. Lovely chapter
7/4 c194 hawthorn1102
After a lifetime devoted to scarcely anything except medicine, it seems Martin is suddenly finding that there are more important things in life…his family. And, fortunately, he is deciding to act on it by putting them first. I’m pretty sure that approach will pay dividends in the long run. I continue to enjoy this story. Thanks for writing.
7/4 c194 Chelsietx
So sweet. He loves her and he knows she loves him back! Thanks!
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