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for Madagascar Rewritten

12/17/2016 c4 7Fighting4Fandoms
I found this sooo great so far and I would really want it to continue because it's awesome and I want to find out what happens next :)
6/25/2015 c4 Guest
This story is cool as hell
2/23/2015 c4 17Teddi 8347
Is this story going to update? It seems too good to just abandon like this.
11/29/2014 c4 2Ophelia Elric
Aww! I love girl!Alex.
A few typos here and there but nothing too noticeable, I really hope you can update this soon.

I noticed something curious though, there is another fic identical to yours posted on here by
"spexguy-cooper", they say it's "adopted" but there is no such notice posted by yourself regarding anyone else taking over writing, they also gave no credit to the original author.

Just thought you should know!
9/20/2014 c4 7Aipom4
Update please
8/10/2013 c4 1Letters2Kings
I hate you for putting a cliffhanger there! more! I wanna read more! the story is awesome! XD
oh by the way, if you don't mind? could it be possible if you can make a re-written form of Madagascar 3 with female Alex on it? i just wanna see what it's like...thank you! and update soon! :)
7/26/2013 c4 1twilightjazz
love it please update
7/13/2012 c3 50Magiccatprincess
So wonderful! The whole ship seen go sadder for me after watching the second movie knowing it was Alex's second time in a crate. Must have been awefull even if he couldn't rally remember it at the time. You're doing a great job! Hope you'll update soon.
7/11/2012 c4 2Ghostukine
this can't end well
7/11/2012 c4 50Magiccatprincess
Oh please update this! I love the genderbend and the brother sis thing!
7/11/2012 c1 Magiccatprincess
Love this!
6/26/2012 c4 3TacticianLyra
Big plot change at the end of this chapter...Myra like. Myra
6/17/2012 c4 5Blazestar of Shadowclan
Foosa obsessed with Alexawesome!

Now go write more of this story cuz i wanna read it!
6/9/2012 c3 3TacticianLyra
Please update soon! Myra
6/9/2012 c1 TacticianLyra
I've only read the first chapter...and I'm in love with it. Myra
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