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for Emo Love Story

3/10/2014 c6 posiedon'sdaughter13
Its always Kronos! Btw: I love the story
1/14/2014 c6 Anna
I just thought u should know Hera is Zeus's wife not Hestia and Nyx is a Goddess not a titan and Percy s girlfriends name is spelled Annabeth not anabeth sorry I don't mean to be rude but I get picky with PJO and HOO fanfic but otherwise OMG totally fan girling over your fanfic.
11/27/2013 c1 Guest
I usualy love this fanfiction thin but this one was terrible!
9/11/2013 c6 4Alcodonia
Awesomeness! :)
7/15/2013 c6 LeapingFang
her name is Hera not Hesta .
5/10/2013 c1 Guest
heay gurl ur nat txting k ur wrting a story
3/20/2013 c6 Guest
fuck u messed up zues's wife is hera
1/3/2013 c5 Maci
Nyx is a godess
12/10/2012 c1 zero
sucks really bad
10/20/2012 c6 3emolovegrrawsome
I meant Hera not hesta or hestia srry but I wrote his before school and did not go over it
7/6/2012 c6 4Dauntless Chica all the way
Ooh! You should make another one! (Or continue with this one) you are really good. Lily is awesome
5/25/2012 c6 Akward Squids
Um... Sorry to tell you this but um.. Zues' wife is Hera and I think hestia is his sister
5/20/2012 c6 4sajere1
Please tell me you are a troll.
4/24/2012 c5 41JerinAnn
Love it! :D Update?
4/24/2012 c4 JerinAnn
OMG that's an awesome prophecy! :D
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