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for Endless Pantheon: God's Eye

6/24 c2 Guest
Hate stupid lame mc
6/24 c1 Guest
Mc's an idiot , morseso then the oc
6/1 c10 Killerpickle
DROPPING - Reason:

1) Characterization of Dresden, you've made him an idiot and not in his normal bumbling way but just ok wow
2) Inconsistency with canon (from both universes) and more importantly this story's
3) The frankly disrespect to the magic system in the dresden verse in how it operates
4) Imbalance of power/story plot reasoning i.e our good ol' snake friends not doing what they want with earth (nuking during the so called old war between them and the fairys) or at the least taking magical hosts every now and again
10/7/2022 c1 SereneWithAnger
More of series in space battles go check out
7/7/2022 c13 16Duesal Bladesinger
Holy shit. The stunning audacity. XD
6/15/2022 c22 Axccel
Well, they’re never going to dare be his enemy after all this.
6/15/2022 c16 Axccel
In mythology, the norse gods did their duties faithfully, cared about their followers, and were staunch in their nobility. Unlike literally every other pantheon.
6/15/2022 c9 Axccel
Mab showed Harry her army. I suspect she wants him to open a way to the Nevernever and let Sokar’s army in to their doom or hers out to wipe them.
6/15/2022 c3 Axccel
Ironically, due to his influence on Lash and that her original would absorb her and experience everything from that. So, if he took up the coin he might redeem her or put her on the right path.
6/2/2022 c3 Pimity
what the fuck is the point of this dumbass story with this retarded mc?
6/2/2022 c2 Pimity
gotta make dresden a little bitch huh
5/17/2022 c38 Volusa
I loved it. It FELT like Dresden files, even as it dealt with Stargate themed stuff.
12/23/2021 c30 AnthonyR89
as to being people before, Ortega was a Conquistador. the scum of the earth, in other words.

also, noticed a repeated typo. you typed Dutchess instead of Duchess.
12/23/2021 c25 AnthonyR89
iirc, isn't Santa also Odin in the Dresden Files?
7/19/2021 c38 XL
Thank you so much for this story... it wasn't what I was looking for originally, but you've given me days of unexpected pleasure and I'm very happy to have stumbled across this gem.
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