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for More than a Match

4/9/2012 c1 100Shizuku Tsukishima749
Aw! This was GORGEOUS! *U* *U* I LOVE this so much! *U* I haven't watched the online eps yet 'cause I'm too stubborn, but I LOVE this! God, I can't wait to see the brothers' bond in the new series! *U* It's gonna be so sweet and cool, I bet, and I can't wait to see how they interact with Korra! *U* *U* Can't WAIT till Saturday! I am SO EXCITED! *U* *U* God, the emotions in this, the characterization, the history, and the flashback...man, all of these were SO FREAKING GORGEOUS! *U* *U* Absolutely gorgeous! You opened me up to new doors with these characters, and I really loved that! *U* *U* Rock on!

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