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9/17/2013 c2 blacdoctor
Please continue. This is fascinating.
8/29/2013 c2 bladefax
Interesting twist. Looking forward to more
8/19/2013 c2 EvilTheLast
Good update...finally. I wish you would update your December Seven storyline. I liked that the most.
8/16/2013 c2 Guest
So glad you continued this, awesome story !
8/15/2013 c2 Anonymous
Okay then, they're 150k years in the Past. Unfortunately, I don't see many ways the Earthers get out on top here unless they go home the same way they came. Thing is, if you're following BSG canon, this also means that the Earthers are descended from Cylons. If the Colonials run blood work or other tests, something anomalous might appear, and if the Colonials keep digging, they could very well discover this and then the Earthers are locked up to be lab rats. Worse, the Cylons get wind of this and the Cylons kidnap some of them to experiment on. I just don't see this ending well for the Earthers, because no one will leave them alone.

My vote is to still get them home, but with tech and a warning about the Cylons. After 150k years, who knows what those buggers have been up to. They might pay Earth a visit, and not a friendly one at that.

Interesting to see where this goes.
8/15/2013 c2 werewulf45
Another great addition to your story. I can't wait to see what happens next.
8/15/2013 c2 Wingman1
oh yes, hopeing for more soon.
8/15/2013 c2 13Olaf74
8/15/2013 c2 22edboy4926
Good chapter. .
8/15/2013 c1 edboy4926
Interesting intro.
8/15/2013 c2 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
8/11/2013 c1 Anonymous
Interesting little one-shot here. Funny thing, I read this while flying to Reno with Southwest. Got a weird look from the guy sitting next to me when I giggled for no reason. :)

Some small critiques. One, everyone in this story is WAY too calm. There's no feeling of wtf-ness that both sides should be feeling. The civvies should be scared sh tless, for starters. I can't imagine what would be going on in that 737's cabin. Also, shouldn't the military b circling the wagons, so to speak? They've essentially landed in unknown therefore potentially hostile territory on ANOTHER PLANET to boot.

On the Colonial side, I expected some freakouts here as well, especially when they find out that none of the Earth birds are space-capable. Not to mention the fact they're (supposedly) the Thirteenth Tribe. That'd be like aircraft from Atlantis popping into existence over NORAD or something.

It will be interesting to see where this goes, if you continue it. If the Earthers make it back home the same way they came (I.e. the Final Coutdown route), could they take some Colonial tech with them? Be cool if Earth got their hands on an FTL drive.
7/31/2012 c1 30Deathzealot
Interesting story Nedy. I shall keep an eye on this.
7/13/2012 c1 waffenmac
I hope you update this one as its pretty good too
5/5/2012 c1 cjcold2
A possible interesting start.

I am curious as to what effect the changes combined with the arrival of the 'Earth' people will have.

I would think the Colonials might be interested in the conept of the stealth fighters as represented by the F-22 raptor.

They might also be able to sue the concept of the Hawkeye AWACS, perhaps an expanded version of the Raptor to allow for more crew to act as sir controllers and run the EW systems.

More soon please.
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