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9/20/2018 c14 1Endeavourment
"Wash the rice~ Have to wash the rice!" I'm actually creasing XD
4/18/2018 c1 Laksssssss
Perhaps you base this story on the manga you read right it was titled shounen something right
2/2/2014 c21 7File Redacted
By the end of the story I wanted Sai and Sakura to end up together. Naruto was too jealous and clingy and mean. If I were her, I would have gone after Sai.
1/16/2014 c21 3Praelio
I honestly really liked this story. I wish they would have quit the fame and popularity though.
10/9/2013 c21 prithibi
very happy ending,i feel like crying, i want this happen in the anime and manga! very good chapter and an awesome story!
10/9/2013 c20 prithibi
pretty good chapter!
10/9/2013 c19 prithibi
very good chapter
10/9/2013 c18 prithibi
awesome i liked itt
10/9/2013 c17 prithibi
wow so romantic!
10/9/2013 c16 prithibi
keep it up
10/9/2013 c15 prithibi
very goood
10/9/2013 c14 prithibi
heheh good
10/9/2013 c13 prithibi
pretty good
10/9/2013 c12 prithibi
very long chapter and that much awesome
10/9/2013 c11 prithibi
yay it's awesome
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