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9/5 c4 conjac
holy cow, the idea that they might escape out to space only to find space is chock full of angels is an amazing premise. I would watch that anime, and I didn't even really like evengelion.
12/22/2015 c4 xelsan
I really hope you choose to come back to this. I've never read a premise like this and I'm beyond curious what you had planned for it.
5/16/2014 c4 nurray
An interesting take on the "beach scene" with Shinji and Asuka.

Love the story concept. Hope this story has not been abandoned.

If they only have a years worth of food, then I would think they would leave some people in the pods to extend there food supply life. But you did mention that the pods were reaching there duration limits.

I would have thought that Unit one and Shinji would have been used for large movement of the fallen geofront towers and may be repair of the black moon to make it air tight if possible.

Unit two must have an S2 engine now. Probably from the battle with the 13 mass produced eva's but you do need to mention how that happened and how Unit two was repaired.
4/5/2013 c1 ZayneLvLz
I do hope you continue this at some point, I love it so far. It a great fresh idea, them going into space, and quite entertaining. Please continue.
3/14/2013 c4 12Ethorin
this is interesting...
3/7/2013 c2 Wolfman-053
"Final proof that Isaac Newton was indeed the deadliest son of a bitch in space."

That line reminds me of a similar one in Mass Effect 2...
1/23/2013 c4 Ctelenku
I'm glad to have found this story, and have enjoyed it quite a bit, especially the first scene and Penpen's return :P

I was also going to suggest to consider splitting up paragraphs more, but you seem to have done this already by the 4th chapter anyway.

Anyway, I very much look forward to more of this, when you return to it.
6/15/2012 c4 Rose1948
Watching and studying is always good. ::nods:: Your story is getting more and more engrossing. At least to me. So many things to think of, to plan for, when one is on one's own. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
6/9/2012 c4 7Calanor
So Gendo is still alive? Well, I wouldn't have expected him to be willing to remain in Instrumentality without Yui.

Nice to read that Shinji follows his mother's footsteps.

It seems Gliese is already occupied, and by an active Lilith-equivalent no less. The presence of Adams and Liliths in the stellar neighbourhood certainly doesn't sound good for humanity's future prospects.
5/29/2012 c4 HonorBridge
Hi, just wanted to point out a persistant error in your English. You keep calling Misato a Mayor, which is the title given to a civilian leader of a city. Her proper title, unless you changed things in your story, is Major, a military rank.

Other than that, I look forward to seeing where your story is going.
5/18/2012 c3 Rose1948
Wow! This is a great story! I can hardly wait for you to update the next chapter! I like the characterizations and I'm looking forward to seeing how Yui and Naoko figure into all of this.

Take care and thanks for sharing your story.
5/17/2012 c3 Calanor
Good chapter with a lot of characterisation. Shinji is still very much Shinji.

Interesting backstory about Third Impact and the Doctors' plan to save humanity.
5/17/2012 c3 2irishman91
It's a pretty good story, and I can see how your writing is improving as you go along, keep it up.
5/14/2012 c3 2Ishtar Mandreyen
very interresting story...

Ach Scheiss drauf ich schreibe lieber deutsch.

Eine sehr interreasante Story.

Mal sehen was unsere Helden noch so erwartet.

PS. Dein Englisch ist sehr gut.

PPS. Wann dürfen wir mit der deutschen Version Rechnen?
4/12/2012 c2 7Calanor
This is an interesting idea for a story.

Your English is quite good as far as I can tell (I'm in the same boat as you, being a native German speaker).

I'm looking forward to future updates.
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