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for Perfect Poise: a Perfecto Prep tale

5/1/2012 c4 Numbervania
Hello from a new reader, long-time member at this website.

First off, I got the reading order wrong, thinking Perfect Poise was last though it's chronologically first in your established timeline.

Yes, I read all of Spring Fever and Loon Quest this past Sunday, and finished off with Perfect Poise yesterday.

Is Sapphire meant to be a dormouse? Kind of gives me the impression she might have picked up a trick or two from a hatter or hare.

Absolutely love what you've done with Fifi and Rubella. Had a cartoon crush on the skunkette when watching the show during its initial run back in the early 90's, and I've come to like Rubella. You've given them some of the funniest lines.

Guess Jaggi replaced whoever Mary's prom date was, but that's okay because you've developed this OC extremely well to the point I can visualize him as part of the TTA cast.

Your stories have definitely won me over, to the point I imagine my own OCs in what's taking place, a hallmark of a good writer as they're able to draw the reader into the world created by their talents. Don't suppose there'd be a chance of submitting them for use in future updates of Perfect Poise or whenever Seven Brides for Seven Bunnies gets posted, and that'd be perfectly okay as the story's progressing along splendidly.

Again, thanks for sharing and post more when possible.

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