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7/4 c22 1forbiddenlore
This is still one of the best stories I've read for Mass Effect. At. this point I have no idea how many times I've read it.
6/12 c19 2Tourteau
I recently started Legendary Edition and wanted to go through my old faved fics in between play sessions. I read this series years ago, some chapters before the hiatus. Been rereading it the past few days and I'm glad you got back to it; it's still a compelling story even years later.

Excited to see how this ends!
6/5 c1 Misscherrymartini
New here, playing the remastered Mass effect and started reading this fan fic... i love it! And i wish there was more! Was hoping for that new years kiss! I suppose you dont even check here anymore, but i love this and wish there was more and more... steamy confessions! Hope you oneday pick up on more garrus x shephard adventures!
5/26 c22 tht1chck
I’m trying to remember the first time I read this story. I feel like every few years when I decide to replay ME1 this fic pulls at the corner of my memory and the journey begins. Of course it always seems to start with a google search trying to FIND the fic because I always forget to save it. I think this is the first time I’ve read the ending posted in 2018. Replaying the legendary remaster of course had me digging for this fic again and re-reading it all from the beginning. I love the characterization of Shepherd in this fic bc it’s always how I picture my Shep to be. If I could download this fic and keep it on my phone or computer I would so I could freely read it whenever I wanted. I’m bookmarking it now, but I just, I just wanted to say thank you. This is my favorite Mass Effect fanfic on the Citadel. Out of all the ME fanfics I’ve read over the years, this is one of the few I’ve come back to read again and again. It’s beautifully done and I’m glad it’s still available to read.
5/26 c22 Guest
I've been waiting for this story to update for years. I love the characterisation and plot, and I find it a comforting constant, along with the rest of this author's work. FemShep and Garrus were my choice every time, too. Thank you for continuing this story!
5/18 c22 Surik22
Wow! Super glad I randomly happened upon this story! I've been bingeing as many Shakarian fics that I can find to celebrate the release of Mass Effect Legendary. I see that you haven't posted an update in quite awhile, who knows, maybe you'll get a sudden burst of inspiration to pick it back up with the new life exploding within the ME Fandom. I'll keep watch on the story just in case it gets updated :)

I really enjoyed going from the messages back and forth into an actual story form. I am interested to know if you had an intention of going back to that and leading it up to the Normandy exploding and Sheps death... I also LOVE how you wrote your Shepard and Garrus. They truly are the best of friends. Great job!
5/1 c13 Evil Atlas
And here... we... go. Time to solve things the ever-so-satisfying Spectre way once more.
5/1 c10 Evil Atlas
I keep wanting to give more complicated comments, but my mind always goes back to "this is unbearably adorable and I love it."

They just fit together so perfectly.
5/1 c6 Evil Atlas

(And poor Garrus, left without his moral guide after Shepard's death. Imagining what Shepard would do might help, but it's not the same.)
3/12 c22 Minnie1015
I usually don’t read WIP but I had to after your other story. Big fan of your writing. Thanks for sharing your passion with us! I’m following the story In case you ever visit it again. I’ll be here for the ride! Take care!
1/20 c22 2Kotali
Alas, here I reach the end again. I love this story. I'm so glad I found it, and you. I don't know that you see these anymore, but I hope you know; you're a wonderful writer and I genuinely love every story you've shared. I love your verbiage and how intricately you've filled out these moments and these characters you write. Everything is a joy to read. You're a fantastic author.

I'm excited for the remaster, but after reading this again, I miss them so much. I'm going to download ME as soon as this posts.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with the rest of us who have been impacted by these games. It's lovely to see Garrus and Shepard's relationship validated in ways the games didn't indulge.

Yours are fics I read when I need the ME shaped hole in my heart filled in. They bring you to a nice place. Whatever you're into nowadays, I hope you have things like that too. Your stories have become special to me and I'm really grateful to have read them. So yeah, thank you. <3
1/19 c17 Kotali
1/19 c16 Kotali
I love the fluff; they're both ridiculous. This makes me so happy. I need to play the games again. I'm going to get the remastered version, but I don't think I can't wait that long; reading this makes me miss all of them and I'm sure there are details I don't remember so well.
1/19 c13 Kotali
I remember this chapter from when if read this before, but I hadn't remembered how well and how carefully you described both the circumstances of poverty and the sex work/slave situation in the club. It's a level of conscientiousness that I don't see very often. I'm glad Shepard's reaction was so visceral; that she's not jaded to it.
1/19 c9 Kotali
Your disclaimer on this one makes sense; I'm not a fan of Kaiden; the way he treats Shepard is not groovy, before and after death. That being said, examining their relationship does give depth to Shepard's story. Kaiden is a salty bitch though...
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