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8/18/2014 c18 Guest
Please if you have the least shred of mercy write more!
Got to know how Garrus handles the Normandy's destruction.
You have an amazing talent for writing and have really captured their personalities. I hope your considering/ already are writing fiction that's entirely your own creation. If not it would be a shocking waste of talent.
But yes, once again please please please write more!
8/2/2014 c18 Fen Asha
Awww... just when I got hooked it ended. Please write more :)
6/7/2014 c18 1The KJ Universe
6/2/2014 c18 Marie
English is not even my first language, but I keep my breath everytimes Shepard and Garrus are together (so I don't breath frequently I guess xD) I Know it's a long time since you don't update that, but if you see that, I beg you to continue!

I realy whant to know how Garrus will take the death of Shepard, but also, you realy have talent. Like a said, Im not a god in English, but it's clear that you can go far in writing.

So... This. Is. Good.

Continue please )
5/26/2014 c18 1imjusttori
I loved this story! Sad there hasn't been an update in two years... really interested in what happened the night they got drunk...
The whole story I'm going "JUST KISS ALREADY!"

Hope you get the inspiration to keep writing it.

Tori ;-)
4/20/2014 c18 FrolleinGrottenolm
Major cliffhanger and this is it?
I have soooooo many questions and I do not even know where to start.
At first I have to apologize for my awkward grammar und choice of words because I am German and English is a foreign language to me.
I have never been a fan fiction fan. Too many discrepancies to the original story lines. BUT even though there are small things that do not match in your story, it is still a great story. I really enjoyed reading it. But I saw that this chapter, the last one, is two years old and it seems that you lost your passion for this story. Which is very sad. I hope you will find your inspiration again.
I really need closure.
What happened in the night they got drunk? I hope they told each other their true feelings, kissed and fell asleep cuddling. Please tell me they kissed!
Shepard and Johannes speak German. So do I. If you consider starting this story again, I would be glad to help if you would want them to have a conversation in German. It would be funny if the translator would only be programmed to translate English because I am sure it is earths universal language in mass effect. Johannes could tell Shepard about Garrus's feelings for Shepard and this is why she is hitting on him sooooo hard in ME2. While playing it I thought "oh my gosh! Poor guy! She is making him so uncomfortable the whole time." But it would totally make sense if Shepard would know what Garrus does not want to admit. He loooooves her :) anyway... It is hilarious if they would stand there and talking next to Garrus and his translator would be constantly glitching. The only thing he would understand would be his name.
There is this piano thing... Have you played the citadel DLC?
And Garrus's face paint... Does not make a lot of sense to me. Wouldn't he just paint over his scars in ME3? I would say they are tattooed on but maybe it still hurts in ME3 or maybe he thinks that Shepard thinks it is sexy?
Anyway... I hope you read it. And if you start writing again, your old fans will read it again and new ones will follow! ... I know I will! I just created an account on ffnet just to write you ;)
I am a big fan ;)
Hope you will read this.
Oh! And P.S.: this poisoning story could be an agent of the shadow broker because a super paragon Shepard of course denied the file he request in ME1 and he said Shepard would regret it. She gets the agent but not the broker himself because this happens in a DLC.
OR it is the illusive man who is testing Shepards ability to survive everything and Garrus's reliability . This is why he gave Dr. Michel the antidote as a part of his game. Why else should he choose the cop who had gone mad as trustworthy enough to let him on his ship? I think I should stop with my stupid guesses...
But I hope they will kiss on New Year for luck. Shepard could give him an order. :) Or Garrus wants to but does not because he is insecure and when Shepard dies he blames himself for not doing it and being responsible for her death by not being there and to rescue her and not kissing her when he had the chance to give her a lucky kiss... But this is something for CSYGM... Which I adore too btw... Well... This turned out quite long. Sorry for throwing so many incoherent thoughts and words at you. Hope you answer anyway.
Greetings from Germany.
Your Grottenolm.
2/22/2014 c18 Murus
Relationship-oriented fics are normally not my cup of tea. As such, I was skeptical about this one.

All my prejudices were wrong. This is... outstanding. Alive.

Please finish this story one day. It truly is a gem - and has now earned you a recommendation on TvTropes.
2/16/2014 c18 2BloodyRoseHearts
I really like your story! its so cute! There are a few parts where i think you got a little too personal, like when Shepard starts playing with a piece of Garrus' armor, but other than that i really like how you've done it! WHEN WILL THERE BE MORE?
2/15/2014 c13 Guest
Seriously this writing is as good as a book you would pick up in a shop and buy. Well done.
1/5/2014 c18 4Yogurt Tea
Are you ever going to update? This story is really popular! It is the very the most favorited in the "Friendship" category! I just want to know if it's going to be continued, it's so amazingly written, 10 out of 10, I can't find any story that is better!
1/4/2014 c15 Yogurt Tea
*claps* WOOT WOOT... Oh my god... only three chapters left to read . I can't stop reading! Are you going to do anymore stories?
1/4/2014 c13 Yogurt Tea
THIS STORY IS SO AWESOME! This will definitely be a re-read! XD I actually calculated how old the 59 year old asari would be in human years, 11.9 or almost 12 (1000/5916.917% 70x 0.1711.9)

I always thought of Garrus as a "brother from another mother." I really appreciate the keeping it Rated T, this is such a good story 3

I realized I never reviewed for the story cuz it was so good that I just kept endlessly reading...

I'm not sure if you still use this site, but if you do, YOU ARE AN AWESOME AUTHOR :D
1/3/2014 c18 2scipunx
It's been long over a year since you've updated this but I hope that you'll one day finish this lovely fic. I love the Shakarian friendship here and the hints of it going beyond that.

I'm looking forward to another chapter
1/2/2014 c18 6AutumnMTC
You can't do this. You just can't. What happened to this story? It had such great potential, and you let it fall into ruin because you haven't updated it in EIGHT MONTHS. Please finish it.

Your grasp of Garrus and Shepard is astounding, much better than other writers I've encountered on this site. You keep things interesting, funny, and adorable. You did everything right in this story, and yet you abandon it. I hope you can continue to update soon. If not...

Such disappointment. Much letdown. Wow.
12/29/2013 c18 msjayjustice
I really enjoyed this story. Would love to read more.
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