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11/28/2013 c18 Guest
This was such an amazing story! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP FINISH IT! Ummmm... Please?
11/27/2013 c18 Garrusfan
Wow. You are really good! I'm all for femshep and Garrus and this is awesome! It's nice too because you seem to have a similar perception of Shepard as I do. The only thing that bugged me a little was Kaiden. I always let Ashley live. I never took a liking to Kaiden... Too clingy I guess. Anyway, just my two cents there. Just please keep writing! Your cliff-hangers are killing me!
11/23/2013 c1 Dr. Cuteness
Every single one of your works is incredible. The characterization, the dialogue, the flow of the story, it has captivated me for hours. Bravo, I hope to see more of your writing some day.
11/22/2013 c18 Belladoni
Really, really, REALLY wish you'd have finished this. Was a great read.
10/3/2013 c18 Guest
Ahhh! Please, please write more! I just spent the last eight hours doing nothing reading this series nonstop!
9/30/2013 c18 Jimie
I was riveted by what you have written, it has been the highlight to the end of my day. Cant wait to see what happens next
9/4/2013 c18 28Yanagi Uxinta
Long-time lurker here, figured I'd finally review. This is my second time reading through your CSYGM-related fics, and I've enjoyed all of them thoroughly. I know it's been a while since the last update, and you may have lost the inspiration or the time for them, but if you ever did start updating again I for one would be overjoyed. Your characterisation is brilliant, and it's amazing to see the story unfold around the characters. Even if they remain unfinished, which would be a shame, thank you very much for writing them :)
8/17/2013 c18 xxpinkmistxx
Please come back :( This story is the only reason I made an account just so I could follow you. In the year that since I started reading fanfic I have re read this about four times and I'm still hoping you come back. This is my favorite story on this whole site! You are a fantastic writer and it would be a shame for you to stop sharing such an amazing gift.
8/1/2013 c5 Dea
Since you've finished ME3 already, even though this has nothing to do with it, I must say that I am jealous! On another note, a baritone salarian? You must've been itching to make those conversations out with all that foreshadowing! Quite clever, I must say.
7/22/2013 c18 megan.myers.5667
Hey! I'm new to this site, I joined simply so i wouldn't lose track of your amazing story! you've been doing a fantastic job! I've loved every bit of it, and on more then one occasion found myself laughing out loud. ( i my favorite part was Garrus tickling shepard) also i wanted to let you know that i loved your other story, "Shepard you've got mail" keep up the good work!
7/9/2013 c18 geoavenger
I'm so sad you stopped updating your stories. I really enjoyed them
6/28/2013 c1 Anonymous
"A cheerful, bubbly Garus."
You, my friend, have just ruined Mass Effect for me
6/20/2013 c18 14Lachdannen
This whole series was a really great read, and I would love to see how it ends *hint hint*
6/4/2013 c18 Garrus Vakarian-N7
I just have to say one thing "I LOVE IT"!
So please will you continue I want to know how it ends and if they end up kissing.
6/1/2013 c18 Nymra
Oh come on! You can't leave the story in this part and stop updates for more than a year! This fic is really amazing... I'm relatively new to the ME world, started 2 months ago and only ended the game a week ago (I have VERY little time in the computer that can run the game D:), and I read ME fics since a few weeks ago. The previous part of this, CSYGM, just won an award for making me laugh for the longest time without stop. My lips actually HURT, for god's sake! But I utterly enjoyed it, really. And it had a decent amount of cuteness that made me smile with this huge grin and melt in the spot.

And then THAFPF came and with it came a little bit less of laughs but a lot more of fluffyness and cuteness, I'm actually surprised I didn't melt in the floor for real. I lost count of the amount of happy sighs I let out while beaming like a true fangirl...

Whatever, this story is truly amazing, it has a lot of scenes that didn't show in the game but could have totally happened. The characters' attitudes are totally loyal with what we see of them in the game, while showing a totally new perspective of them.

I must admit, I don't like leaving reviews. Not a real reason for it, I'm just really lazy. I know it's not very nice of me, but I guess it's because I like to enjoy my time in the computer and writing reviews takes a lot of time from me for two reasons: English is not my main language, so I have to think much harder writing in it and check it all the time (Sorry in advance for any mistake that made it past my checks), and second because I hate leaving ten words reviews saying "Nice story. Keep it coming!" or some impersonal thing like that. If I like a story I like to explain my reasons to the author and put a dedicated effort onto it.
That said, I've seen in your author's notes that you really enjoy reviews, and your work really deserves one.
...Aaaand the fact that I would like to know if you are going to continue it may also have influenced me a bit. I'm not asking for an update tomorrow, just wanna know if you will continue it, without pressures. Actually, a few hours ago another story from another fandom that I had read like 5 years ago updated for the first time in 6 years. I almost fell from my chair! But I understand that real life is priority.

Whatever, this review went MUCH longer than expected, lol. Good luck and I hope you can answer soon!
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