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for The Heart Asks for Pleasure First

11/11/2012 c1 MorningAngel9
Of course Shepard is anxious to get on the Citadel.. Who wouldn't if Garrus was waiting for them :D I love that Garrus's eyes lighten up every time he got a message from Shepard.. They're such a great pair.. :D
10/27/2012 c18 32rockpaperscissor
What I love most about this fic is the expert interweaving of humor and characterization - you have fun with the characters without ignoring their history and reality. And the romance is such a slow burn, I love it. I love how solid their relationship is, how close they are. How platonic you're making them, and yet you can also see the inevitable just over the horizon.
You write so, so well, and that's a bit of what makes this story so heartbreaking - they're so incredibly invested in each other, I'm just waiting breathlessly for the moment Shepard leaves him behind and the Normandy falls apart. Garrus is always portrayed as being miserable at Shepard's death, devastated, etc etc, but you've done such a good job establishing their relationship, I just know this Garrus of yours will be DEVASTATED. Augh. The heartache. Your subtle foreshadowing. Garrus not even being able to picture what he'd be like without Shepard. Shepard wondering if she's influencing Garrus too much.
I can't wait to see how you handle all this. I hope there's going to be an update in the future. :)
10/10/2012 c18 nil-blaze
Oh dear, I love everything. I just cringe in sadness whenever I think that Sheppard's gonna die and Garrus would lose her. (T_T) Keep up the good work.
9/10/2012 c18 5Hannah Abby
Even on the second reading this is just as enjoyable! I've done this the wrong way around and read this first then a few months later (2 days ago) read CSYGM and then came back to re-read this so that I can sort of say that I read them in order.

I'm looking forward to the rest of both stories. They're some of the most humorous yet realistic ones I've read in this fandom.
9/6/2012 c18 sigh
You know, you could do the decent thing and post a new chapter and tell people you're not going to continue it. Why does nobody ever do that? It'd take ten minutes.
8/23/2012 c18 GallifreyanMyth
New chapter? D: I miss this story.
8/18/2012 c18 49The Red Celt
This is one of the greatest stories in all fanficdom. Incredibly well-written and funny as hell, addictive and spot-on IC conversations. Stays well within canon as far as I can tell, and I absolutely love seeing Shepard and Garrus just being bros around the Citadel. This is so awesome. I only hope that the author hasn't abandoned it completely, though. It needs, like, 30 more chapters!
8/16/2012 c18 5soul-of-insanity16
Your story has so many layers to it that even a Mass Effect hater(can't really imagine that) would be mesmerized. Gags in the right places, emotional monologues effectively blunt, the right amount of action and the perfect plotline. Can't think of anything better than this. _
A small critic would be that sometimes when you switch points of view too much its a bit confusing. Except that it's perfectly perfect. Update soon, will ya?
8/13/2012 c18 Tinnypod
I just found this story, and I love it! I hope you are still working on it!
8/10/2012 c2 3COL-Goodall
I must see those embarrassing messages drunk shep sent lol
8/6/2012 c18 d00mcanary
I love how this is building up! Please tell me you're still updating :) I relaly want to know what comes of those voice stones too...
7/29/2012 c18 unDeadpool
I've been waiting to reread CSYGM and this story, since I happened to stumble upon it when you last updated, then I realized I never left a review...this story is my, and many others, favorite Shakarian FF on this site. It's funny, has plenty of fluff, action when it needs it; Unfortunately this makes it all the worse to wait for an update. I've still only read it one time. I want the story to be fresh once you resume the story.
7/27/2012 c18 amanda.rau.7
This story has become one of my absolute favorites on this site. I think it full grasps Garrus' awkward yet enduring personality. I was a Shenko fan but after romancing Garrus, well let's just say that these two have amazing chemistry regardless of Commander and subordinate, human and turian, friends, lovers. I think you are capturing it well here. Thank you for writing this. You've put a lot of thought and time into this and I cannot wait for the next chapter. It's like crack. :)
7/27/2012 c18 1EveyDawn
Keep writing!
7/26/2012 c10 EveyDawn
So, I'm not usually into classical music. I like vocals, words, but I just googled "the heart asks for pleasure first" and am now hooked on the song. Thanks. Lol seriously though, cheezy grins and cookies for this chapter!
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