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5/18/2012 c17 milly-finalfantasy
aww they mirror each other :) so cute. She moves he moves

Nice little chapter, poor Anderson...most of my play throughs I pick him as the councilor, but seein Uldina as councilor in ME3 I now have him and kept Anderson as his 2nd :/

Cant wait for the next update :)
5/18/2012 c17 2BladesoftheValkyrie
Guh, I love this dynamic so much. Also, I want fanart of Shepard and Garrus with their feet in the fountain now. :D Fantastic work as always, m'dear!
5/18/2012 c17 29That One Angry Hobbit
When you write quiet scenes like this, I start worrying about what nightmare is coming next lol
5/17/2012 c16 Little-SleepyH34d
Arcgangel eh? Nice epic overload there :) oh and sorry if I sound critical but I have always pictured Garrus having facial tattoos rather than regulary self applied face-paint. Oh and I thought the whole tickle/pillow fight thing was just sooo emensely cute and adorable XD Please have a sequel when you're done with this OQ I'm sure it will do great if you bring into Mass Effect 2 :D I sure know I would read it. and by the way. .. You Rock! _
5/17/2012 c15 Little-SleepyH34d
Nice one :) I've always been curious what Turian movie would be like. . . and now my curiousity has been quenched- I did like how you compared the two movies. One focused on realism wile the other was supposed to be more dramatic. Also you brought Nihlis up, 5 respect, I didn't think anyone would ever metion the guy. A shame he had to die :( he seemed cool.As for the discription of the actor that had been rumored to be playing Garrus in the much intriging up coming Savior of The Galaxy movie, I guess he sounded attractive. . . but Garrus is a lot more so XD Having lots of fun reading this at two in the morning :) gives me something to look forward to XD great job, love your work, and keep it coming XD
5/17/2012 c14 Little-SleepyH34d
Come on Garrus. . . come on. . you can to tell her. You can do it! XD Dang! boy did Shepard get lucky her airpipe didn't get cut O_O that would not be very fun :/ Loved the Chapter _ I'll try to keep up these short little reveiws
5/17/2012 c16 2Vampireguardian
Aw, tickling, pillow fights and face painting, Awesome chapter! Very cute, tender moments that Shepard didn't realize... I think. Also super early in the morning!
5/17/2012 c15 Vampireguardian
Great chapter, I really enjoyed your take on Turian vids :)
5/17/2012 c16 3Emmalyn
Loved it! Gawd, they're practically married already, it's so cute. XD
5/17/2012 c16 milly-finalfantasy
God I burst out laughin so bad at the pillow fight especially when Shep smacked the pillow off his face and he spat the feathers out LMAO Class

Aww so sweet I can just see them sittin on the floor... feathers all around them... their faces inches apart as she reapplies his clan/colony marks that kinda scene is worth it weight in gold :)

Cant wait for the next update
5/17/2012 c16 8LaxDrake4
Omg that was so cute! Pillow fights, tickling wars and all so cute!

Garrus without his armor and shirtless *thumbs up*
5/17/2012 c16 2Turtle00001
Aaaah Garrus' thoughts right at the end there... they make me and my knowledge of the future sad D:
5/17/2012 c16 Stormflite
Noooo whyyyyy aaaaargh this is going to be awful when Shep leaves him behind again T_T

Loved the incorporation of angels; great explanation of how Archangel began :P
5/17/2012 c16 4Mullbcrry
Aaaaww cuuuute!

This is a really cute chapter!

Thanks Chi Chi :)

5/16/2012 c16 Trenityrose
This is one of my favorite chapters! i cracked up laughing when garus was showing off his vestigial wings and shepard was showing her belly button! "does it go all the way through?" Haha! i think that was my favorite line this chapter. this is a great story, keep up with it please! shekarian forever!
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