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5/15/2012 c15 milly-finalfantasy
Aww movie nite

Loved the scene at the end, Shep cuddling into Garrus while he wraps his arm around her shoulder...so tender and romantic :)

Only Shep and Garrus could sit there and watch vid's of the Relay 314/First contact war without getting into a heated debate about it...It really showed the mutual respect they have for each other

Cant wait for next update :)
5/14/2012 c15 SoranoDarkHorse
Wow this is adorable and makes me want even more. (So I go back and read previous chapters to satisfy myself. ;)) You've got a very good plot so far and I love the fluff. It's fun to see how their relationship is progressing and I can't wait to see what you have in store for them next.
5/14/2012 c15 4Mullbcrry
Wow! This is such a cute chapter!

It blew my socks off.. get it? Socks?

Lol I'm getting cheesy!

Thank you again for writing another lovely chapter!

I loved it..

5/14/2012 c15 Moriah
Awww Cute!
5/14/2012 c15 PassiveResistance
Just wanted to say that I really like your story


I don't think it's necessary to ask for comments... because it's pretty obvious that it's popular in and of itself. Also, I think pointing out the percentage of comments per chapter is borderline trolling. For comments. If that made any sense.

Don't sweat it if the number of comments aren't consistent. People will like the story no matter what.
5/14/2012 c15 Shikadoo
What a great chapter! Loved every moment. Cannot wait 'til the next one!
5/14/2012 c15 Stormflite
Ugh, chapters like this remind me of how potentially awesome Nihlus as a character would have been. I remember Bioware devs talking about how they spent a lot of time on how Nihlus looked, much more than they did on Garrus - only for him to die in the first hour of the game, heh.

Anyway, another great chapter. I enjoyed the portrayal of the turian movie culture - seems exactly how it would go down in the ME universe.
5/14/2012 c15 1Kurumitama
Wow... the whole thing about Sarren's mother was really something. I really liked it!

The end of this chapter was sooo sweet!.

Damn Garrus for disconecting the security cameras of his home!xD
5/14/2012 c15 jab
Dawww how cute! I liked how you described Shepard's feeling during the twilight hours of mass effect. Her and garrus deserve some time off. This chapter makes it abittee sweet for what happens to them. Shepard dies and garrus' face...
5/14/2012 c15 7Sin of the Fallen
I love the fluffiness. It makes the story look rosier.
5/14/2012 c15 Hieraxx
Excellent work with the movies, especially the turian film - just like the people themselves: direct, unfiltered, accurate, and inherently mechanical.

Well executed too. Garrus and Shepard watching the videos didn't only serve to expand upon their relationship, they were interesting enough to feel like anecdotal extensions of lore entries. Nice and faithful!

And then you end the chapter with a flourish of warmth and love. Just in case we forgot who we're reading about here :)
5/14/2012 c15 3Emmalyn
BRB, dying from action and cute overload. It is a happy and honorable death. :D
5/14/2012 c15 20Amber Penglass
First off, loving it, especially since the slave ring raid and seeing Shep and Garrus in familiar circumstances. Also loved your guide through the turian movie, I found myself wishing it were real so I could watch it myself.

Second...I feel incredibly egotistical spotting this and thinking there might be something to it, but... A demolitions expert named Kristin? Is that a phenomenal coincidence or...? Yeah I'm going to leave that there.

Third...this is nitpicking, but Shepard is a marine, not a soldier. There is a very distinct difference which any member of our armed forces will explain in detail. It's not anything huge to most people, but to someone raised by a marine and married to a soldier, it does make me twitch.

Happy writing!
5/14/2012 c15 TheBreacher89
Apologies for not reviewing lately, RL and my own fictions taking up my time.

Absolutely loved this chapter, they should make Die for the Cause an actual film haha
5/14/2012 c15 Taiyo
awesome chapter XD, dialogue was smooth and it was interesting how u described the difference of both military movies. The fluff was cute, just wished their was more romance between Shepard and Garrus o, sorry i'm a shep/garrus fangirl lol :D but all and all it was a cute awesome chapter. Can't wait for the next chapter -
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