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1/5/2019 c22 Bfarah90
Omg YES YES YES this is one of my all time favourite fics to date, i'm SO SO SO happy to see an update!
1/3/2019 c22 26The Jingo
Great fic
12/2/2018 c22 2Kotali
That was lovely and wonderful. They're perfect.
Another fantastic chapter from you. Thank you for sharing. This is still my favorite ME fic to date.
I'm so glad you've continued.
10/25/2018 c22 41CailinNollaig
Ok, so what a ride. I DEVOURED this. Every moment I could, I was reading it... on breaks from work, while eating my breakfast, on my commute.

I really appreciate how you've characterised them. At this stage, it's definitely deviated from canon a bit (I don't think ME2 would be quite the same with this amount of close moments/intimacy) but it's absolutely still in-character and believable.

You're great at writing the little things, and the little touches. Their rapport and banter flows so naturally, it's lovely to read, and I've actually had to stop myself laughing out loud at several stages. Are we ever going to get some insight into their drunken blackout?

The Kaidan/Shep side plot is certainly intriguing and quite well done. You haven't bashed Kaidan's character to death like most Garrus/Shep fics. It makes me very interested to see you write the rest of the crew! Their jealousy of romantic interests and confusion is well written.

Even your Joker was great for the short time he was there.

The two cases they worked on together for C-Sec while interesting, were a bit hard to know what to think - which I think was your point given the conversation Jane instigated in the next chapter. I mean, if he's supposed to be in C-Sec, she shouldn't be bending rules like that. Then again, Garrus is right, there were people to be saved and an urgency. Great points on both sides.

Other parts I've loved: calming her down about Ash, the stones, Garrus' paints, the movies I LOVE THE MOVIES, everything to be honest.

Only thing I wasn't sure of was the Ashley statue - not sure I can believe Shepard would react that way. She is a soldier. But I'm open minded on it so it's not a big no while reading..

Anyway, my utter surprise when I saw you're updating! Please keep on doing that, you're writing a great story here.

My only real wish is this: that it speeds up slightly, I know nothing is gonna happen before ME2 and so it's hard now 22 chapters later to still stay as enthusiastic. I want to see their reunion post death and I very much want to see them interact with the new-but-same Garrus. Hoping some of his hero worship (not the respect, which is great) he has for Shepard decreases and they can be on a more even level. I'm dreading her death and his reaction to be quite honest.

I'll stop talking now! Great fic so far, I'll be looking forward to your update.

10/8/2018 c22 Murus
I'm glad you've continued this :)
Love your conversations!
10/2/2018 c22 1CrystalHeart27
I'm crying omg, I cant believe this story isn't dead. I read this so, so long ago that I forgot it existed in the void of my post-mass-effect-obsession. Thank you for continuing! Your portrayals of Garrus and Shepard were always my favorite. Their relationship is just so easy and fun and loyal, so... organic. Gosh, I still can't believe you're back ahhhhhhhhh
9/27/2018 c22 tgreatblueberry
Another wonderful chapter that I didn't know would ever come? I'm so incredibly happy to read your work again. You've done it again. The conversations seem so fluid and everyone sounds different when they speak. I don't know how you do it, but you really capture these characters and deliver such subtle, warm companionship between the two leads and even characterize side characters well. I like how Kaidan isn't super annoying; he's human and well-written just like the rest of them.

Oof, that last part really killed me though. I think I'm gonna go eat a spoonful of Nutella and try to pretend the ending didn't exist...ughhhh.

Love you and your work so much. This was, again, beautifully crafted. I never feel like I'm reading a story. I always feel like I'm enjoying some time with good friends. :)
9/25/2018 c22 Olm
I'm really happy you are still continuing the story. It's still super interesting and entertaining. Had to reread everything again to remember all the stuff that happened.
Looking forward to read the next chapter. I hope they cuddle :)
9/22/2018 c22 Rae
you're killing me with this fic, and with those oblivious idiots
9/21/2018 c15 Rae
I wonder how long it'll be until they realise just how much their love each other.
9/20/2018 c22 radiantghost
a new chapter! thank you so much. tbh i never really thought this would be updated again but thank you for proving me wrong lmao. I'll be spending the rest of the night reacquainting myself with this old favorite
9/20/2018 c21 nim399
I just re-read both parts, and. It's utterly charming. Domestic, but not overly so; in character; with both interesting and dynamic action and calm moments... I think i am in love again. It's good to have you back.
9/19/2018 c22 Nichalia
I love each scene. If these were cards, I’d collect and horde and re-read each one.
9/19/2018 c22 BlueRobin
OMG thank you for writing more of this lovely story!
9/19/2018 c22 1Combat Engineer
Bout time this updated.
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