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4/26/2012 c8 36Defii
I understand what you mean; I usually just add 'reviews are by far appreciated' so that I am not REALLY asking for them, though I LOVE every single one. *nodnod*

This chapter was SO CUTE! Omg, imagining them watching PotC and playing Tag, was just SO priceless.

I freaking ADORE and LOVE this story to bits! You're so awesome. XD Definitely my favorite Shepard/Garrus writer so far. ^_^
4/26/2012 c7 drakie
aww, poor Shep! I love the way Garrus tries to comfort her :)

Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/25/2012 c7 Jab
Damn good chapter. I felt a little sad towards the end though. The relationship between garrus and artemis feels so right. "trust and respect is sexier than sex."
4/25/2012 c6 Jab
The literary goddess returns! Do turians dream of electric varren?
4/24/2012 c1 AdriAsh44
i love this story. i wish i had more to read while i was stuck in bed with a swollen ankle. i had recently started playing ME3 so i generally know what you're talking about but still... i loved this.
4/24/2012 c7 8Assassin Ninja Spy
YES cheeseburger AND a McDonald's scene - my life is complete ^.^
4/24/2012 c7 11tulzdavampslayer
how lovely.
4/24/2012 c7 Hieraxx
I normally make notes of little segments in fanfics that I really like or stand out, maybe copy a couple of lines into a word doc to check later, but... this entire section dedicated to Garrus and Shepard visiting Ashley's memorial was so good. I just wrote amongst the other notes "chapter 7".

So tasteful. The poetry, the tributes already placed, Shepard's restrained indignation, Garrus' tempered response - you've utterly nailed the characters' behaviour.
4/24/2012 c7 10That guy83
This chapter was just... ;-;

Very touching chapter.
4/24/2012 c7 36The Third Biker Scholar
*sniff* aw man...i cried. dammit, i actually cried. love this chapter best.

...so far.
4/24/2012 c7 n0odles
It worked! LOL! Does that mean if I ask for another chapter... Hahaha. I'm 26, I know how the world works really xD

Thanks again for another brilliant chapter that left a big smile on my face. But my heart aches, too. Gonna be lots of tears in the future, me thinks.

I hope you're ready to submit to the demands of your dedicated readers... You do realise we'll be demanding you rewrite ME2, eh?


Thanks again.
4/24/2012 c7 7Sin of the Fallen
Garrus is the best Turian buddy ever. He always knows just what to say.
4/24/2012 c7 2BladesoftheValkyrie
Awww, good job being supportive, Garrus. You are an awesome friend. I love all the little adventures they are going on. :D

Don't worry about replying to my reviews - they're just to show my support for your awesome story! No reply required. ^_^
4/24/2012 c7 7dragonlover131313
That was a beautiful ending to a wonderful chapter. Really enjoyed seeing them visit the memorial and it was so sweet. I just love their friendship and how I wish their was a game depicting just this, no fighting just friendship between these two :3, oh I can dream.
4/24/2012 c7 milly-finalfantasy
Aww my heart broke for Garrus when he woke and Shep wasn't in bed with him :( but at least she was holding his voice stone :)

Poor Ash's memorial...Damn Blue Suns^^ atleast Garrus was on hand to calm Shep down and clean the graffiti off it :) such a thoughtful Turian^^

Cant wait for next update :)

PS- Just want to know if ur planning to continue writting into ME2 and ME3^^ coz ur storys are awesome :)
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