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4/21/2012 c5 I like ME3 123
Ahh, chi, you never fail to amaze me. (don't say that's what she said) Once again, you have delivered the perfect blend of fluff, flirting, and wit. Bravo!
4/21/2012 c5 10Sky Stormsong
"I'd rather be fighting for my life next to you than bored to death, alone in an office."

Same here actually :D I was wondering how long it'd take the asari to figure out she was THE Commander Shepard. Also, I like how you showed the differences between the turian and human species, while putting them together in a way. As well as the Palaven flower Garrus gave her :) That was cute.
4/21/2012 c5 stella
I'll never get tired of this... so. much. cuteness!

I love them and I love your story! 3
4/21/2012 c5 drakie
LOL he really took the picture!

I hope they'll get drunk and do something "stupid" soon! xD
4/21/2012 c5 milly-finalfantasy
AWW^^ Garrus gave Shep a flower...so sweet :)

Lmao at Garrus actually taking a picture lol...bloody smartass^^

Lovely chapter, Cant wait for next update :)
4/21/2012 c5 3Emmalyn
Just wanted to let you know I'm still squeeing with happiness over here! You have officially made a grown woman squee. XD
4/20/2012 c5 4Mullbcrry
Wow! Love it!

Keep up the great work Chi Chi!

This is such a cute chapter. I loved it.

4/20/2012 c5 2Vampireguardian
I enjoyed Shepard being able to disguise herself with a Christmas sweater :) Another fun chapter!
4/20/2012 c5 1RamenKnight
4/20/2012 c5 1Kurumitama
OMG! I don't know how much cuteness can stand a human before melting away, but I'm willing to discover it thanks to your awezome story! xD

I love every chapter... And they made me laugh a lot. Just what I need after a long day of study xD

I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

Good luck~
4/20/2012 c5 2Turtle00001
*thumbs up*

Good job, like always :)
4/20/2012 c5 7Sin of the Fallen
And thus... They had delicious amino appropriate food. Where's the Cain?
4/20/2012 c5 2Albericus
Jeez, now Garrus is enjoying some meat on a stick _

I love the attention you're giving to small details, it makes the story...more real. That's nice.
4/20/2012 c5 evil squeede
Hi just want to say I love your story so far. My brother introduced me to Mass Effect recently and I have to say Garrus is one of my all time favs and the idea of him learning about Christmass is both adorable and hillarious. It seems like he did some resarce so I wonder when he'll start asking Shepard questions about one of the holidays most well know figures, SANTA CLAUSE! I can just picture them walking by a store and they spot a mob of children (mostly human probably, some little asari kids with a human parent too)waiting to see Santa Clause, and his helpers, a couple of slarains dressed in elf costumes lol XD. Garr would probably be confuessed as to why Santa has so many "aliases" or why little kids would be so excided about the idea of a stranger breaking and entering into their home, to leave gifts, when it's obvious it was their parents who got them the presents. I'd like to see how Shepard explanes that to him, espicaly considering the tradtions and story orginated from St. Nicholase of Myra and how he eventualy morphed to the Santa we know today with the North Pole and flying reindeer. Make you wonder how the storys change in space, like how is Santa going to delive pressints to all the good little kids on colonies or space stations, did he trade up the reindeer for his own space ship?
4/20/2012 c5 10That guy83
Its here! How did I miss it until now? l:
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